Dennis James Adamski

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
22 January 1947 - 19 June 1967
Appleton, Wisconsin
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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6 Aug 2004

Dennis is remembered by the men of the 15th Combat Engineer Battalion and the men of Delta Company with whom he served.

From a fellow 15th Engineer,
Robert Sage

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Although assigned to D Company, 15th Combat Engineers, SP4 Adamski was in the field with A Company, 4/47 Infantry, on 19 June 1967.

In early 1967 the 5th Nha Be (VC) Battalion, a main force Viet Cong unit, was operating in Gia Dinh Province around Saigon. In a series of battles during the spring of 1967, the 5th Battalion was severely mauled by the 199th Infantry Brigade and chose to withdraw to a safe haven in Can Giuoc District to refit and rebuild. Their haven was in a bend of the Rach Nui River near the village of Ap Bac.

The first joint Army/Navy operation in the Delta began at 0500 19 Jun 1967 when troops of the 3rd and 4th Battalions, 47th Infantry, were loaded aboard a fleet of 26 Armored Troop Carriers (ATCs), with 5 heavily-armed river monitors and 2 command boats in support. At 0635 the ATCs landed the first of five rifle companies at a point two kilometers north of the village of Ap Bac. The troops began a sweep toward Ap Bac, slogging across flooded rice paddies.

At 1150, A Company, 4/47th Infantry, set off a ferocious battle when they entered one of the 5th VC Battalion's base areas. The fighting went on until after dark, and ended with the VC backed up against the Rach Nui River. During the night, many of the VC escaped across the river, but those remaining on the south bank were killed when the fighting resumed at daybreak.

A search of the battlefield turned up 218 bunkers, many of them destroyed, and 98 dead Viet Cong soldiers. Documents captured later stated that the 5th Nha Be actually lost 170 killed in action, with many more wounded. OPERATION CONCORDIA succeeded, but it carried a high cost - 48 Americans were dead, and scores more were wounded.

A more detailed description of the 19 June 1967 fight at Ap Bac is available on-line on the site.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow 15th Engineer,
Robert Sage 
6 Aug 2004

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