Ronnie Darnell Adcox
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Henderson, North Carolina
February 21, 1944 to March 03, 1967
RONNIE D ADCOX is on the Wall at Panel 16E, Line 6

Combat Action Ribbon
Ronnie D Adcox
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14 Feb 2001

Another C Company, 1st Recon Bn, Marine.

Time has passed since we were in VietNam
But the memories follow us daily.
The names listed here are forever -
They watch from their side of the Wall
and wonder

"Will they remember Me?"

We of 1st Recon Bn hold the list and
Will Never Forget!!!!!

A memorial initiated by a 1st Recon Bn Brother,
Randy Kendall

17 Oct 2004

Ronnie Adcox is my uncle. He was one of nine children - he had six brothers and two sisters. Only two of them are still alive, one brother and one sister. My father, Milton Thomas Adcox, served during the Korean War and died at the age of 56. They all would be proud to see their brother's photo on his page and so would I.

Randy, thank you for remembering him.

From his family,
Debbie Adcox Stancill

3 May 2005

Hello, this is Ronnie Adcox's sister Dorothy Adcox Horton. We saw on line where Debbie, my niece, was on line for Ronnie. We can be reached at Please contact us with any information you may have. We would love to hear from anyone. May God bless you, and have a great day.

From his sister,
Dorothy Adcox Horton
744 Old Warrenton Road, Henderson, NC 27537

20 Aug 2006

Ronnie Adcox was a highly respected Brother of Charlie Company's 3rd platoon. We will always remember and we will always miss Ronnie. For those of us who survived the Vietnam War our Brothers who gave their all will forever be with us.

Semper Fi
Harry Hayes

19 Oct 2006

Ronnie was my Uncle who I loved and adored as a child. His kind face stays with me always. My last memory of him was in my grandma's kitchen sitting at the table stirring a glass of tea. Simple but as a child I was in awe of him.

From his niece,
Arlene Lorraine Hangley (Adcox)

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