Royce Lee Addington

Specialist Four, United States Army

243 rd Assault Support Helicopter Company
First Aviation Brigade

From Ratliff City, Oklahoma

August 6, 1949 to November 12, 1970

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Royce L Addington is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 06W line 52.

Dear Royce and his family, 

I can tell you what you already knew,
and know, about your son. 

Royce was an angel. He had an aura, a peace 
about him, that I will feel until the day that I 
die--but I cannot explain this in words. 

Royce was a giant in my eyes. A too decent 
man who never complained about anything. 

I was so sad and angry when he left us. 

I just want you to know that I share your 
terrible loss, and I will always remember 
your son as if I had known him all of my life. 

I touch his name each time I visit the wall, and 
hope that God touches your hearts with the 
same peace that Royce had. 

With my deepest sympathies, 

Thomas Fife 
1336 Belasco Ave. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15216 

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