Terry Howard Alderson
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Fort Worth, Texas
November 06, 1942 to May 06, 1968
TERRY H ALDERSON is on the Wall at Panel 55E, Line 37

Terry H Alderson
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14 Sep 2004

Terry was a Fort Worth, Texas native. He was a 1961 graduate of Fort Worth Polytechnic High School. He married Patsy Cowden of Crane, Texas and he was drafted into the U. S. Army while they were on their honeymoon. When Terry left for Vietnam in December 1967, his wife found out they were going to be parents. Terry was missing in a firefight in May 1968 and after Terry's daughter, Angela Dawn was born, his status was changed to killed in action. His daughter is now grown and married and knows of her father only from the letters he wrote.

Terry was buried with full military honors in the Shannon's Rose Hill Cemetery's Mediation Section in Fort Worth, Texas. His parents are now resting beside him.

He is remembered on the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans' Memorial .

From a PBVVM representative,
Billy M. Brown

23 Feb 2006

Terry Howard Alderson's daughter, Angela Dawn Alderson, is now married and has two boys. She is a sweet young woman and I know that her father would be so proud of her and he would really like her husband.

Even though it has been 38 years since Terry was killed he is remembered all the time by his family and friends. I am one of his nieces and have two boys of my own and they both know all about Uncle Terry and they consider him a hero, just as we all do. Thank you to Uncle Terry and to all men and women involved in the Vietnam war for their great sacrifices for the freedom of others.

We miss you and keep you in our hearts always.

From his niece,
Amy Alderson Sparks
E-mail address is not available.

01 Nov 2006

I grew up with Terry Alderson. No one person better symbolizes the joy and jubilation of the youth we shared together. He left me with a smile that nothing can ever erase.

From a friend,
Charles S. Gray, "Scottie"
756 Agua Caliente, El Paso, Texas 79912


Notes from The Virtual Wall

In May of 1968, the North Vietnamese launched what has been called their "Tet II" offensive, striking 119 provincial and district capitals, military installations, and major cities including Saigon. Unlike Tet I, which was primarily a Viet Cong uprising, Tet II was almost entirely an NVA affair.

The battle of Dai Do actually began on April 30 with the ambush of a US Navy utility boat at the junction of the Bo Dieu and Cua Viet rivers by elements of the 320th NVA Division. Since Battalion Landing Team 2/4 was in the area, it was ordered to eliminate the threat to the crucial waterway.

Faced by three Regiments of the 320th NVA Division, BLT 2/4 was forced to fall back to defensive positions north of the river, but they stopped the enemy attack. NVA reinforcements were turned back by men of the Army's 3rd Bn, 21st Infantry, Americal Division, which occupied blocking positions at Nhi Ha to the northeast.

The NVA attempt to open an invasion corridor into South Vietnam had failed. The "Magnificent Bastards" of 2/4 Marines and the 3/21st Infantry had saved the day, for if they had failed the NVA would have been free to overrun the major supply bases at Dong Ha and Quang Tri and the entire DMZ defenses would have been undermined. However, the cost had been high. The Marines and sailors suffered 89 dead and another 297 seriously wounded, while Army forces at Nhi Ha sustained 28 deaths and 130 wounded. But the enemy suffered even greater losses - not only did the NVA fail to achieve their objective, they also left 1,568 bodies on the battlefield.

Alpha Company, 3/21st Infantry, lost twelve men in the fighting on 06 May 1968:

  • 2LT William B. Kimball, Parlin, NJ
  • SFC George L. Dale, Gorham, NH
  • SSG Thomas F. Crews, Marion, AL
  • SGT Terrance W. Allen, Bay City, MI
  • SGT David L. Betebenner, Alba, MO
  • SGT Sydney W. Klemmer, Owatonna, MN
  • SP4 Terry H. Alderson, Fort Worth, TX
  • SP4 Curtis E. Bandy, Denver, CO
  • SP4 Allan G. Barnes, Greer, SC
  • SP4 John A. Johnson, Chicago, IL
  • SP4 Allen A. Straus, Omaha, NE
  • SP4 Richard F. Turpin, Roseville, MI

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