Frankie Eugene Allgood

Lieutenant Colonel
HMM-363, MAG-36, 1ST MAW
United States Marine Corps
01 May 1930 - 26 March 1968
Fort Scott, Kansas
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Frankie E Allgood

Naval Aviator

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23 Jan 2003


Lt. Col. Frankie Eugene Allgood
Commanding Officer, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 363,
killed in action on 26 March 1968,
also served with HMM-163 and HMM-361 in 1967.
Photo by Captain Jack "Screw" Warner

Semper Fidelis

George T. Curtis
Master Gunnery Sergeant
USMC Retired 66-91
Vietnam 1967-70
Now deceased

21 Jun 2006

I chose LtCol Allgood's name for my memorial bracelet. I am honored and proud of this hero among many and will keep his name in memory as long as I have family and friends.

God Bless Our American Heros

25 Jul 2007

I have worn LtCol Allgood's name for my memorial bracelet since 1972. I served with the First Marine Air Wing in Chu Lai, Viet Nam in 1968, 1969 and 1970. I can't even remember the number of rocket attacks, let alone the number of rockets we received from these attacks, in the two years I was there. I wear his bracelet every day to remind me of how lucky I was to return home in one piece. When I feel that things are getting me down all I have to do is grab my right wrist and touch his bracelet to remind me that there was a reason I came back and 58,0000 didn't.

LtCol Allgood is a U.S. Marine, Warrior and American Hero.

Semper Fi, LtCol Allgood.

Cpl Harry S. J. Kozal, USMC
H&MS-13, MAG-13, 1st MAW

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The HMM-363 Command Chronology for March 1968 contains the following entry:
"26 March 1968: The day was a tragic one for HMM-363. At approximately 0250H [2:50 am] Phu Bai came under a rocket attack. The first of the rockets to hit scored direct hits in the officers' areas. Heavy casualties were received. Among those wounded was LtCol ALLGOOD, the Commanding Officer of HMM-363. The squadron's physician examined him and reported his condition as grave. After the attack had ceased the medevacs were taken to "A" Med and examined, the night medevac crews were called to take those with head wounds to Da Nang for treatment. The section led by Major HARRISON launched with two medevacs aboard the lead aircraft and three in the chase [aircraft]. The weather was poor with a 500 foot ceiling and in an attempt to be clear of all mountains, the flight proceeded south over the water. At 0510H [5:10 am] the chase aircraft flown by Lt STEVENSON lost sight of the lead aircraft and then [lost] radio contact. Major HARRISON reported immediately that his wingman was down at the 090 degree radial Tacan Channel 69 at 30 miles. Major HARRISON, considering the severity of the medevacs' condition and the poor conditions for a search, continued to Da Nang. The SAR aircraft were immediately launched from Da Nang and the pilot Lt STEVENSON and co-pilot Lt RUCK were rescued. The crew, Cpl Larry E. GREEN 2175487 USMC crew chief, L/Cpl Ernest C. KERR 2203528 USMC gunner, the corpsmen HM3 William H. COOK 3919600 USN and HN Wayne J. FIELDING 9999186 USN, then medevacs Cpl Glenn MOWERY 2177279 USMC, LCpl Richard EVANCHO 2279395 USMC, and LtCol Frankie E. ALLGOOD 057335 USMCR the Commanding Officer of HMM-363 were not found. Major HOFFERT arrived from Quang Tri and assumed command."
The seven men lost in the crash of UH-34D BuNo 144654 were
  • Aircrew and Corpsmen:
    • HM2 William H. Cook, Kennewick, WA, H&S Co, 3rd Med Bn
    • Cpl Larry E. Green, Mount Morris, MI, HMM-363
    • HN Wayne J. Fielding, Pittsburgh, PA, C Co, 3rd Med Bn
    • LCpl Ernest C. Kerr, Akron, OH, HMM-363

  • Medevacs:
    • LtCol Frankie E. Allgood, Fort Scott, KS, HMM-363
    • Cpl Glenn W. Mowrey, Chillicothe, OH, H&S Co, 3rd Service Bn
    • LCpl Richard Evancho, Freeland, PA, MABS-36
The bodies of HM2 Cook and HN Fielding were subsequently recovered. The remains of the other five men were not found.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a squadronmate,
George T. Curtis
MGySgt, USMC (Ret)
E-Mail address not available

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 23 Jan 2003
Last updated 03/05/2008