David Bruce Anderson

Specialist Four
Army Of The United States
16 December 1949 - 05 April 1969
St Paul, MN
Panel 27W Line 014


Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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David was hardly 19 when he died, he looked 16. He was very quiet and very out of place in Vietnam. He was so innocent of the world. Seemed like he would been more in place in a Norman Rockwell print on a Saturday Evening Post cover. He always had this little kid smile on his face. David died on a simple supply convoy trip from Soc Trang to Can Tho on a Saturday, 4-5-69. The powers that be decided to make that trip by road which had been unsafe for resupply for a long time. All materal came by chopper or fixed wing til that day. The convoy made it to Can Tho OK but on the return trip the VC had set up an ambush {DUH!}. David was killed by an RPG blast. He had 5 days left in country.

David B. Anderson

Hello Andy, back again? Hey, let's take a walk
There's something I've got to say to you
so how about we have a little talk.

Times change, we were kids then, I'm not today.
You don't age. Strange how you stay the same,
but you see, I'm getting old and gray.

I love you, guy, but it's time for you to go.
These midnight visits have got to stop.
Truth is, you're driving me nuts you know.

Go visit some other Brothers for a while.
Try hanging on their bedroom ceilings,
stare at them with that charmin' smile.

Wait up kiddo, there is something you might tell before you split.
Have you seen any V.C. in Heaven?
Or are they all in my hell?

A memorial from a friend,
Jerry Brown
17 Apr 2002

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