Ward Leroy Anthony
United States Marine Corps
Canton, Ohio
August 21, 1946 to April 17, 1968
WARD L ANTHONY is on the Wall at Panel 50E, Line 25

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Ward L Anthony
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13 Jan 2005

You taught me how to be a good leader, stern but fair. You guided me through the maze of right and wrong when making decisions that affected those who depended on your leadership and guidance. You led by example, not by threat.

Your love for your family, God and Country was evident and could never be questioned, as it was displayed daily in your conversations and actions with us, your green and inexperienced Marines. We were mere teenagers, yet we had to perform the tasks of seasoned Marines at war within a very short time after leaving our homes and families.

I am alive because of you pushing me into that trench as the mortar round hit and you took the full impact of it. You are always in my prayers and never forgotten for the life's lessons you taught me. I am a better person for having known you, both as my mentor and friend.


From a friend and brother-in-arms,
Sgt Edward Villegas, Jr.

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A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 17 April 1968 H&S Company, 1/27, lost four men to enemy mortar file: At 1730 hours, the Battalion Command Post was located in vicinity of Grid Coordinate YD 781249 (4 kilometers east northeast of the Citidel in Hue, South Vietnam). The CP are took 15 rounds of 82mm and 60mm mortars from vicinity of YD 804257. It resulted in 4 Marines killed in action, 15 wounded in action and evacuated, and 10 WIA with minor wounds but not evacuated. Those killed were:

CPL Ward was survived by his wife, Janet L Anthony and daughter Pamela J. Anthony, Canton Ohio. He was predeceased by his mother, Jean C Anthony but survived by his father, Chester C Anthony, West Tuscarawas St. He was also survived by a brother, Larry R Anthony, Brown Avenue, both of Canton..

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