Craig Alan Arndt

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
13 November 1947 - 08 March 1968
Denver, Colorado
Panel 43E Line 051

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, RVN Cross of Gallantry, RVN Campaign Medal

Craig Alan Arndt

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04 October 1999


This is for you. Maybe it's as close as I can get to telling you I still miss you. And that I'm sorry I wasn't there for you that day.

I don't have a picture, just the one in my mind of the last time I saw you. You helped throw me onto the floor of the medevac under fire. As we lifted off, I turned my head to see you standing there, watching me go. You looked so very tired and alone.

It all happened too fast. I never got to say goodbye. When they asked me which hospital I wanted to go to, I chose Denver, your hometown, so I could call your folks. It took me a month to get there, but I called your mom as soon as I could. I didn't know you had been killed a few days before. I wanted to tell her I had been with you and that you were OK, but instead, she told me you were gone.

When I got out of traction, your folks came to get me. They took me home for a weekend. I slept in your room, saw your motorcycle, and met your girlfriend. We had a nice dinner and then played poker. They let me win. But too many times, your mom would look at me and then start to cry. They loved you a lot.

Well, now this note is probably too long for the space they gave me, so I guess I'll say goodbye. I don't know what happens when we're done here, but if there's an "other side", maybe we can talk more when I get there.


Les Smith

20 December 2001

I just learned of the Virtual Wall ... My little brother, Craig Alan Arndt, was in the 101st Airborne in Viet Nam. I am adding his photograph in the great hope and with heartfelt joy of getting to somehow contribute to the honor I feel in my heart for having known him as only a big sister can. He was my only sibling, and words can never express the loss of this kind and special young man. I miss him more each year. I can share his face, as I remember him, with the whole world.

Carol Arndt Davis

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 08 March 1968 eleven men from the 101st Airborne Division were killed in an action at Ap Dong Lang, about six miles northwest of Hue City:
  • A Co, 1st Bn, 501st Infantry:
    • SP4 Danny L. Smothers, Carson City, NV

  • D Co, 1st Bn, 501st Infantry:
    • 2LT Delmar W. Probst, Erie, PA
    • SP4 Bernard Boney, New York, NY

  • A Co, 1st Bn, 502nd Infantry:
    • SGT Wayne M. Kidwell, Herndon, VA
    • SP4 Craig A. Arndt, Denver, CO
    • SP4 Rodolfo Villafranco, San Benito, TX
    • SP4 William J. Bowers, Koppel, PA
    • PFC Samuel B. Hudson, Glennville, GA
    • PFC Michael A. Shramko, New York, NY
    • PFC Sonnie Stephens, White Oak, NC
    • PFC Ben H. Williams, St Petersburg Beach, FL

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Carol Arndt Davis

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 04 Oct 1999
Last updated 05/20/2006