Frank John August

Private First Class, United States Marine Corps


From New Orleans, Louisiana

25 February 1946 - 20 August 1966

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Frank John August is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 10E Line 020.

10 May 2006

Frank was more than a friend, he was my brother in many different areas of our lives. We began as friends on the bus to MCRD, we sat together and began our relationship, Black and White as it was.

We went through Boot Camp, we supported one another into and through the very difficult days, which I now look back upon as some of my best days in the Corps. We remained friends as we trained in our special unit and eventually arrived in Vietnam.

There are no words to express my sense of loss these past forty years of my life, without my friend. He died on our battlefield the same day I was wounded for life. I was there with him, he served as a man and he died a hero.

I well remember once in Vietnam, Frank said to me: "You know, here I am putting my life on the line 24 hours a day, and my mom can't even go into any restaurant back home and have a meal." That was 1966, and Frank was from New Orleans, Louisiana.

He is my friend and someday we will hug again and smile and I will see that special light in his eyes. He is my brother and I miss him every day.

James E. Fain
2168590 USMC
Retired Disability List

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           10 May 2006
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