Willy Scott Baker
Chief Petty Officer
United States Navy
Buffalo, Tennessee
April 02, 1928 to November 15, 1966
WILLY S BAKER is on the Wall at Panel 12E, Line 72

Combat Action Ribbon
Willy S Baker
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4 Feb 2003


by his comrades-in-arms.

From another Swift Boat sailor,
Terry Boone


Mission Notes

On 15 Nov 1966, PCF-77 was at sea with seven men aboard: As the boat was in the approaches to the mouth of the Hue River, reportedly searching for a crewman washed overboard from PCF-21 during a monsoon storm, it was overtaken by a 30' wave which flipped her bow-down, stern-up and sank her immediately. Three men who were below deck were trapped and lost at sea. The bodies of two men, Chief Petty Officer Baker and Petty Officer 3rd Class Brock, were recovered; Petty Officer 3rd Class Timmons' body was not.

Several days later, when divers attempted to locate the wreckage

"the largest piece they found was a piece of 'rolled aluminum' not more than 18 inches in length. The boat had been ripped apart by the sea, the sandy bottom and during the course of the storm had been torn and shredded into small, unrecognizable pieces. The recovered aluminum piece looked as it had been rolled up, like a newspaper, and then been polished silvery bright."
As recalled by Anthony R. Taylor, LTJG, OinC PCF-16

Summarized from the
Swift Boat site
LTJG Taylor's account

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