Bishop Skip Baranowski

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
24 November 1945 - 08 July 1969
Cortland, New York
Panel 21W Line 080

Silver Star

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart (3 awards), Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


The database page for Bishop Skip Baranowski

3 Nov 2002

Recipient of the
Combat Infantry Badge,
Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart (3 awards),
Air Medal, Parachute Badge, and MACV Recondo Badge.

Bishop Skip Baranowski

is remembered by his comrades-in-arms of the


Indiana Rangers
D CO, 151st Infantry

30 Jan 2005

Bishop Baranowski and I attended Cortland Jr.-Sr. High School together in the early 1960's. I first met him when we joined the Cortland High School track team as ninth graders. He was a talented runner and shared pole vaulting duties with me. We were members of Tuxis, a high school fraternity sponsored by our local YMCA. I got to know him well as we practiced pole vaulting, traveled to and from track meets and participated in Tuxis activities. Bishop was a very pleasant person to be around. He had a quick smile and was accepting of all. He was a bright, fun loving, conscientious and highly active member of our class.

Bishop projected an emotional strength and level of maturity beyond his years. Although well mannered and even-tempered, he was tough and resilient to his core. I had great respect for him as a person who did what was right when it needed to be done. Given his impressive character traits, it was no surprise to me that his military career in Vietnam was one of great valor.

What a privilege to have shared life with such a fine person ... What a shame that privilege was extinguished through such tragic circumstances.

From a friend,
Larry Morton

High school graduation photograph
courtesy of Mr. Morton

From left: Bill Schoettmer, Dave Bradley, Bishop Baranowski, Bob Cross.
Photo courtesy Bill Schoettmer, D Co (Rangers) 151st Infantry

From left: Bishop "Skip" Baranowski, Carl DeLong, Bill Schoettmer, Bob Cross.
Photo courtesy Bill Schoettmer, D Co (Rangers) 151st Infantry

Ranger Memorial - Fort Benning, GA
Photo courtesy Tom Sloan, D Co (Ranger) 151st Infantry

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who remembers. 
3 Nov 2002

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