Larry Earl Barger
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 17, 1944 to March 26, 1968
LARRY E BARGER is on the Wall at Panel 46E, Line 28

Larry E Barger
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08 Jan 1999

Larry enlisted in Las Vegas, Nevada where we lived for a short time, but he was actually from Shelby, Montana and had been going to College at the University of Montana at the time he enlisted.

He had just one month left before coming home from Viet Nam. We had received a letter from him stating how it wouldn't be long and were looking forward to a happy reunion.

I'll never forget the sound of my mother's voice when she saw the Chaplain coming to the door. I was in another room and thought that Satan himself must have come to the door when I heard the terror in her voice, saying OHHH, NOOO!!! OHHH, NOOO!!!

We were lucky because Larry had taken home movies of himself and his colleagues. He had purchased a super 8 movie camera and took pictures of him and his buddies in action. Blowing up a Viet Cong water well and a bridge with sticks of dynamite. He had the same mischevious grin on his face that he so often had growing up in Shelby.

I would enjoy hearing from anyone that served with Larry. I know he had many friends in his company. My email address is

Thank you,
Tom Barger


A Note from The Virtual Wall

B Company, 26th Engineers, lost three men to enemy mortar/rocket fire on 26 March 1968:
  • SP5 Donald C. Foust, Kokomo, IN
  • SP5 Harold J. Simmons, St Louis, MO
  • SP4 Larry E. Barger, Las Vegas, NV

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