Robert Allen Beavers

Specialist Five
Army of the United States
05 September 1950 - 28 August 1971
Dallas, Texas
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Army Aircrew

DFC (2), Bronze Star, Purple Heart (2), Air Medal (23), Army Commendation, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, AF Expeditionary, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Bobby Beavers

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08 Nov 2001

"Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank,
but in simple obedience to duty,
as they understood it."
Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery

Robert Allen Beavers

A memorial initiated by
Tyler McLain
9 Nov 2001

His family would like to learn the fate of other crew members of helicopter and the circumstances surronding the crash, such as the reason of mission, the location of the crash, and of rescue efforts. Also, we would like the names of other soldiers in his unit in Viet Nam.

From his Mother
Dorothy McLain

28 Aug 2005

It has been 34 years since you were taken from us. You will always be in my heart. I love you.

From his mother,
Dorothy McLain
5911 Belmont, Dallas, Texas
16 Nov 2001

I would like to know who, if anyone, has a bracelet with his name on it. Anyone that was in his unit is welcome to write as I would like to know more information about his time over there and who his friends are. If anyone served time with him, you are welcome to contact me.

19 Jul 2004

I would like to hear from those that served with him. I am looking for photos during his time and his friends. You are welcome to contact me either by email or letters.

Thank you,
from his sister
Vicki McLain Calloway

14 Sep 2005

I miss you very much every day. There is so much that you have missed. You are in my heart always. I visited you for your birthday but I wish you were here instead.

Love always,
Your sister
Vicki Browning

24 Dec 2001

You'll be in our hearts forever.
I miss you.
We grew up together as children,
I wish we could have known each other as adults.

Your cousin,
Natalie Harris

25 Nov 2003

Bob will always be missed by myself as he was my roommate and friend as well as he trained me when I first arrived in the unit, I will speak for our other roommate Roger Welsh as we were both hurt by his passing.

Robert Wagner

19 Jun 2005

Bob and I were in B Troop, 1/9 Cav 1st Cav Div. before we were changed to H Troop, 16th Cav.

Mike Perry

06 Jul 2005

We had so much fun building your 57 Chevy in your back yard and me and you and Stan joined the service together. I will never forget the pain of being a Pall Bearer at your funeral so long ago. I remember your Mom and Mac like it was yesterday. I have been to the Wall and have a tracing of your name I cherish. I am sorry I am still here and you aren't.

God bless you Bobby.

Bill Bowdich

A Note from The Virtual Wall

H Troop, 16th Cavalry

didn't really exist. As explained in Shelby Stanton's Vietnam Order of Battle, the unit really was designated F Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry:

"Troop F was raised to provide reconnaissance for the separate 3d Brigade, 1st Cav Div, after the bulk of the division departed Vietnam. It served under the aviation battalion then with the brigade, the 229th; in 1973 the troop was inactivated. It should also be noted F Troop was formed unofficially as H Troop, 16th Cavalry, a designation never approved by the Department of the Army, and remained known by this unauthorized title in Vietnam until about May 1972."
F Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry

Because the unit was known in Vietnam as H/16th Cavalry and because SP5 Beavers' family has advised that the Citations to his decorations reflect assignment to H Troop, 16th Cavalry, The Virtual Wall has chosen to group him with other men assigned to the 16th Cavalry Regiment while recognizing that some sources will show assignment to other units (the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots' Association, for example, associates SP5 Beavers with E Troop, 1/9 Cavalry, a provisional unit inactivated in June 1971).

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his mother,
Dorothy McLain
5911 Belmont, Dallas, Texas
08 Nov 2001

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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