Edward Eugene Beck, Jr

Gunnery Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
07 July 1949 - 11 October 1978
North Canton, Ohio
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National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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10 Nov 2005

Edward Eugene Beck, Jr. - I chose to wear your name on my (2nd) bracelet for many reasons. We both lived in Canton (North Canton for you), Ohio, and went to neighboring schools in the late 1960s. You went to Hoover High and I went to Glenwood High and then to Oakwood High. Our schools were rivals (friendly, of course) and played each other in the different sports. I'm sure that our paths crossed at least once during our high school years. After graduation, I went on to college and you went to Vietnam. I know from reading that you enjoyed dressing in fatigues and playing army as a child. How different it must have felt when you put on your "real" uniform to become a part of the USMC. You left everyone and everything that was familiar to you so people like me (a stranger) could continue on with my life and education in a normal manner. You have yet to return and it has been 36 years. You turned 56 this past July 7th.... my husband is 56 - born the month before you and, also, a Marine the same time as you.

Thank you for leaving your "home zone" and going to an unknown "war zone" so that we could remain in our "comfort zone". I wish you God's speed in your long-overdue homecoming. God's blessings to your family.

Rebecca (Dormire) LaRussa

05 Jan 2006

From a member of the extended Beck family - my daughter, Alyssa, was born on 07/07/93 - as the Lord has taken one, so one he replaces. Semper Fi, Ed.

Edward John Beck

23 Jul 2007

About 6 years ago I attended a Chicago Police/Marine Corps Birthday celebration. Being a former Marine myself, and my cousin a Chicago cop I had to attend. I purchased a POW/MIA bracelet back then for $5. I remember digging around for the right color bracelet, and looking for a Marine with some rank. I settled on you. I don't really know why at the time, but many years later (07/22/07) this past weekend, I think another piece of the puzzle was put into place.

I had worn this bracelet every day for about 6 years, and hardly ever took it off for anything. Until one day it got caught on a fence, and broke right in half. We tried to replace it, but with no avail. Your name was etched in my mind forever.

My wife, my youngest son, and I visited Washington D.C. on 07/22/07. We eventually made it over to "The Wall". We started at the begining like everybody else does, not really knowing what order the names are in, until one of the Rangers over heard us talking, and asked if he could explain. We obliged. After he was through we contiued down the Wall. We were not really reading anything in particular, just amazed with the number of names on the wall.

We stopped at section 20 where some pictures and bio's had been laid out at the foot of the Wall. These were bio's for the servicemen who for some was the anniversary of their deaths. My wife was kneeling down reading these. I happen to glance down, and read one name on the Wall, just above the tops of the bio's. "Edward E Beck Jr." There it was! It took my wife a moment to realize who I was talking about when I pointed out the name. I hadn't worn the this bracelet for over 2 years now. It took a little time for it to sink in for her, but I got it right away.

Needless to say, I did a shading of the name that will be on diplay with the rest of my Marine Corps keepsakes, along with this story. We tried to figure out a connection, but couldn't. All I can figure is that a higher power brought me there at that time to keep your legacy alive almost 40 years later. Which inspired me to look you up on the internet, and to share this story with the rest of the world.

Semper Fi!

Jeff Palicki

07 Sep 2007

I'm the holder of Edward Beck's original MIA bracelet. During the time he was fighting for my freedom I was newly married and expecting my first child. I thank God for the opportunities Edward gave to me, and for the freedom his service afforded me and so many others. Thank you, Beck family, for making such a sacrifice. By the way, my son was born 9/11/69, just one month after Mr. Beck's disappearance.

Semper Fi!

Jeanette Taylor
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

W Battery, 1/13th Marines, was a component of Battalion Landing Team 2/26. The BLT had been operating ashore earlier in the month but re-embarked aboard the amphibious assault ships on 6 and 7 August 1969. W Battery went aboard USS BELLE GROVE (LSD-2) in Danang Harbor on 7 August.

On 09 August then-Pfc Edward Beck failed to make muster and could not be found during a search of the ship. He was classed as Missing and was carried in that status until the Secretary of the Navy approved a Presumptive Finding of Death on 11 Oct 1978. He was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant while missing. His body has not been recovered.

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