Frank Joseph Beltran

United States Marine Corps
11 May 1948 - 11 August 1968
East Rochester, New York
Panel 49W Line 046


National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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26 Dec 2002

To my handsome friend Frank,

When I was in high school, you were older, but very handsome and sweet. I remember when you had to leave our little town of East Rochester, and we were all sad. I prayed for you, and knew that you would be in God's hands. You were so handsome,and a joy to talk to and be around, even though I was so young and shy. I will always remember you.

Love, your friend,

18 Jun 2005

Hi again, Frank. I forgot to add that I went to school with you at St. Jerome's in the 50's, and your buddies from there wanted me to tell you how much you are loved and missed. It was a very sad day for all of us. Love always, Diane

29 May 2006

Hi Frank, it's me, Diane. Just wanted to say I'm thinking about you on this Memorial Day weekend. You have given the ultimate sacrifice, and you will never be forgotten.

Love, your friend

Diane M. Hewitt
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6 Mar 2005

To my Platoon buddy Frank, Plt 2002, Parris Island, 1967. I last talked with you at the Freedom Hill PX in Vietnam when I was on my way to Sydney, Australia, for R&R, that was in June 1968. Never knew you didn't make it until viewing this site. I feel very sad right now. I remember that you were one of the leaders in Plt 2002 at Parris Island. Rest in Peace, my brother.

Lance Corporal Sam Rubino
Plt 2002 Parris Island, S.C 1967
3rd Bn, 3rd Marines 3rd MarDiv
Vietnam 1967-68

13 Apr 2005

Dear Frank,
You only knew me as a small boy who sang in the boys choir years ago at Saint Jerome's church. You were in the choir too and you had a great tenor voice but already a teenager. I remember you full of life and so energetic. I had always looked up to you because I thought you were the coolest guy around. I went to school with your sister Michelle and we had many laughs together. I remember the very sad news and I didn't know what to do. I was young and so confused about Vietnam. My brother was there as well in 1964-1966.

Frank, I always wanted to say goodbye and tell you that you were loved so much by so many. I feel good that I finally have had my chance to say goodbye.

Your "little buddy", Joe (from East Rochester)
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17 Jun 2005

Joe from East Rochester and I must have sang together.

I remember Frank as a cool guy, cool enough to be kind to the young kids in the choir rather than playing "tough guy". He always seemed intense, yet had a quick smile.

Michelle was younger than I was but I remember thinking how hard it had to be on her as a young girl to lose an older brother. I know the fear of worrying about that knock on the door or telegram. My family got two official ones and one delayed. But I know how lucky I was with Nam because my brother did come home. And that made me feel worse somehow about Frank.

Rest in peace Frank. More of us cared about and will always remember you than you knew.

Paul McShane

28 Apr 2007

Frank was my "guardian" when I first arrived in Vietnam. I was a highly trained Force Reconnaissance Marine but ignorant as to the "ways of the bush". Frank taught me how to pack, how to move in the jungle and how to take care of myself. I have never forgotten Frank Beltran and consider him responsible for my safe return from Vietnam. I have never forgotten him and was crushed when he died so needlessly.

From a friend,
David Fendrick
11 Hillcrest Drive, Palm Desert, Ca. 92260

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