Timothy Wayne Beverford
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Los Angeles, California
August 15, 1949 to July 28, 1969
TIMOTHY W BEVERFORD is on the Wall at Panel W20, Line 63

Timothy W Beverford
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Timothy W Beverford



The official Army Military Casualty Report from Vietnam states "Individual died from wounds received while driving a military vehicle on a combat operation when a mine detonated." Wounded in the accident was Cecil Ratliff, Albert Butler, Mick Reck, and Jackie Hamby. Jackie was admitted to a military medical facility and expired shortly thereafter.

Tim never regained consciousness in spite of the swift evacuation by the Battalion Command helicopter. See a unit tribute to Tim at 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Association website.

Further reports show the event occurred at Grid coordinates BR990802 (10 kilometers (KM) NE of LZ English and 1 KM NW of Nui Loi Mountain (Hill 180)), when an A Company, 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry vehicle was hit by an enemy command detonated claymore mine, killing 2 and wounding 4 who were extracted from the vehicle.

The two men killed were:

-- The Virtual Wall, 24 June 2013

Timothy was born to Connie Jean (Pearson) (About 1929- ) and Arthur Louis Temple Beverford (1925-1999) in 1949, most likely in Los Angeles California. His mother was born in Wyoming and her family ultimately ended up in Los Angeles California so it was very possible Arthur and Jean met in California while he was in the Air Force.

According to records, Arthur lied about his age and joined the Air Force when he was age 16 in 1941. After initial training, he was sent to the South Pacific and fought with the Raider Battalion. At the end of the war he was assigned as a bodyguard to a high ranking officer who was involved in the reconstruction of Japan.

While in Japan, Arthur studied to become a Zen Buddhist Priest and trained karate in a secluded buddhist temple in central Japan under the tutelage of Sensei Hirano, Sensei Misutani and Sensei Niwa. Later in the mid 1950's, He travelled to the philippines to open his own Karate training schoool.

At the time of Timothy's death, Arthur was a retired Technical Sergeant living in the Phillipines. It was said he had remarried a Filipino woman named Teresita, and had 10 sons before the arrival of a much desired daughter. His mother had remarried to Klaas Luiting and was living in Beverly Hills California.

Photo of Master Arthur Beverford (Timothy Wayne Beverford's father), also known as "Mr Bee", taken in mid 1950s in the Phillipines. Research shows Arthur died in the Phillipines but it is unknown where Tim or his father are buried.


-- The Virtual Wall, 24 June 2013

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