Kenneth Bruce Bixel

Army of the United States
25 September 1947 - 15 December 1968
Willoughby, Ohio
Panel 36W Line 025


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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17 Nov 2004

To our Kenny

from the girls whose hearts you stole at Willoughby South High way back when... We think of you often and carry your smile in our hearts. "Only the good die young" holds truth when it comes to such a kind soul as you, Ken... So close to being back in the hometown that missed you so... Hope that your journey is a soft and peaceful one - you deserve that, my dear old friend. Until we are all up there twisting the night away, we will hold you close in our thoughts...

Susie Cox, Shelly Permenter, Jeannie Adams, Jeannie Brooks, Miriam Faith, Cheryle Robison, Linda Nelson, Janet Warren, Jackie Bryan, Debbie Britchford, Kathy Daw, Annabel Langly, Linda Stevens

28 May 2006

Kenny, it's Memorial Day and thoughts drift back to you... the chicks from South watched a video not long ago and there you were, smiling at graduation day... Our breath and hearts stopped for a moment... Missing you still... Thank you for doing what you thought was the right thing...

Love you,
Susie Cox

8 Dec 2004

I remember when I was in grade school we walked home together for lunch. You said something to me (I don't remember what) and I hit you over the head with my flute case. You started crying and ran home to your mom. She called my mom, and I remember feeling really guilty, something we didn't normally feel in those young years. It's wierd. I forget so much from my grade school years, but that incident I will never forget. I have never forgotten you. I cried at your funeral, I miss you now, and I think the world would be a better place with you in it.

From a friend.
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06 Feb 2007

Dear Cousin,

It has been 38 years now since you gave your life. It seems like just yesterday to me. The last time I saw you was at the good-old gas station, I helped you put a quart of oil in your 1966 Dodge Coronet. You were home on leave, the last day before going to Nam.

I stopped at Uncle Bruce's house to see you a few days earlier but you were so busy upstairs getting ready to go out with all the girlfriends and talking on the phone you never had time to see me.

I waited downstairs with Aunt June and Uncle Bruce for about 1 hour. I finally left, I was just your pimple-faced cousin that thought the world of you. I left your house in my 1967 Dodge Coronet, the car I bought that looked exactly like yours. Same color, same black interior, same engine and even same AM reverb radio.

I wanted to be you, my cousin. Trouble was there was only one of you. God made just one Kenny Bixel. I think God made many Don Bixels.

But I believe to this day that you felt somewhat bad that you left your cousin waiting downstairs and never said "Hello", because you made sure that last day you stopped at the station for a quart of oil.

Your car really did not need full quart of oil, it would have been fine. I truly believe that you just wanted to talk with me for a moment. Just a way to say good-bye in your own way. I can still see you driving away from the station, you kicked-in the 4BBL. carbs as you left.

The women from South High School still love you, I read their notes to you. I know that from where you are now your smile and unforgetable laughter is filling heaven.

See-you again cousin,
Donny Bixel

01 May 2007


I was reading the Willoughby South Class of 1967 web page and came across this memorial page for you. I started thinking about how you and my brother Sam used to take me with you guys when you went out for ice cream or just driving around.

I was thinking of you because we lost Sam this year and hopefully you two are back together paling around like old times.

Just wanted to say "thank you" for being so nice to a pain in the rear little boy who you could have just shoed away and been done with. You are sorely missed.

From a friend,
Bill Balante

22 Jun 2007

I wonder how after all these years you still are in our hearts... I consider myself the lucky one to have spent time with you on your last night home, the things you said I have carried in my heart. You remain everyones' best friend... It is a comfort to us all to know you are waiting with that big grin... Till then, my friend, till then.

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A Note from The Virtual Wall

"A" Company, 4th of the 23rd Infantry, lost two men on 15 Dec 1968:
  • SGT Kenneth B. Bixel, Willoughby, OH, and
  • CPL Eugene M. Christer, Salinas, CA

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
Susan Cox

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