Richard Joseph Bois

Warrant Officer
Army of the United States
16 January 1948 - 07 March 1969
Peabody, Massachusetts
Panel 30W Line 063


Army Aviator

DFC, Purple Heart, Air Medal (14 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
WO Dick Bois

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Dick Bois and buddies after dinner
Dick Bois and buddies after dinner

Dick Bois, WO Spahr, WO Wooldridge

Dick Bois, WO Spahr, WO Wooldridge
Mark Garcia and Dick Bois
Mark Garcia and Dick Bois

Photos courtesy of David Spahr

2 Sep 2001

I still think of you.
Your grave will be tended as long as I'm alive.
Best friends don't come along that often.

From his friend and Best Man at his wedding.
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15 Jul 2003

I remember your wedding - how happy you and your new young wife were... we were all just babies then, teens and early 20's. I think of you too, every time I drive down your old street. Rest in peace, Dickie.

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31 Jul 2003

My name is David Spahr. I was a Warrant Officer pilot (call sign "PRIMO 10") with the 11th Light Infantry Brigade Aviation Section (named "PRIMO" after the beer made in Hawaii where the unit originated) from 10/68 thru 2/69 at Duc Pho (I transferred to the 174th AHC also at Duc Pho). I flew and lived with Dick Bois. I was 19 years old and he was 20. He was a great pilot and a good friend. I remember and mourn his death to this day. I have only recently come out of my "cave" and seen this website. I will attempt to post some photographs of Dick on this site.

From a comrade-in-arms,
David Spahr
Alexandria, Virginia

22 Oct 2003

Thanks to my son, Charles Richard Barrett, I have just discovered this incredible website. I am Dick's sister, Martha Barrett, and I am honored to read such touching stories from people who were close to my brother.

I was 13 years old when Dick got shot down in Viet Nam. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. I cherish the pictures of Dicky on this website. I am grateful to David Spahr for sharing these precious pictures with the world. Thank you, David, for helping to keep my brother's memory alive. I'd like to thank everyone who has written a note on Dick's website, especially to Michael Schuneman, his Best Man, for tending to my brother's grave. Over the years I often wondered who that thoughtful person was that tended to Dick's grave site. Thank you, Michael, from the bottom of my heart.

I too will look for some pictures of Dick. I too would also like to share them and help keep Dick Bois' memories alive.

From Dick's sister,
Martha A. Barrett

18 Nov 2003

Looking at these pictures sent me back so many years, I am one of Dicky's cousins. I remember the twinkle in his eyes, his devilish smile. I remember going to Brown's pond swimming, there was a group of us. I was probably 13, he was 15. I came out of the water and had leeches all over me and wanted to go to his house where my mother was. He rode me on his handle bars of his bike, and when we got to his yard, he stopped short so I went flying into a little wading pool. He thought it was hysterical!

Years later when we were older I was a bridesmaid in his wedding. He married my cousin Jeanne, she was related on my mother's side, he on my father's side so they were "kissing cousins". I remember family get togethers when both families got together, and Dicky and Jeanne falling in love. He left shortly after the wedding for Vietnam. The next thing I knew we were at his funeral.

His life was so short, yet he touched so many of us. Somewhere in heaven an angel is winking.

Elaine Corriveau Dragon Farber

19 May 2004

As Memorial Day approaches my memories turn to Dickie Bois. He was married only for a short time with my sister. He wasn't a large man but he made up for it in spunk. He was a real thrill seeker. He loved his Chevy cars and had a bit of a lead foot. In growing up his wall was a testiment of how many tickets one could have and not the kind that would admit you into a function.

As time goes on I am always reminded of a story we only knew about after his death. He earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism in Sept. of 1968 for saving the lives of seventeen men. He went out in a typhoon and risked his life to save one man and when he couldn't he heard of others trapped on the wrong side of a river and did not hesitate to rescue them.

Although my children had never had the pleasure of meeting him, they know this story and read it each Memorial Day. We knew so many those years that went over and did not return.

Dickie knew the odds of him making it home those days were not in his favor but he didn't hesistate to be the best he could be for his comrades. Thanks to him and all others like him we are able to live the lives we are able to today.

Thanks you all for your sacrifices.

We miss you!

From his sister-in-law,
Marie Laganas
Ossipee, N H 03864

08 Aug 2007

I am another of Dickie's cousins. Jeanne, his wife is also my cousin. I am now a great-grandmother and have always told my kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids when they're old enough to understand what kind of person he was. I never had pictures to show them what he looked like, but they all know who he was.

A couple of my grandkids have been to the cemetery with me to pay their respects to him. We were all there at his wedding, and we were all there at his funeral. It's something that has left a lasting impression in my mind and in my heart.

I remember sitting in the living room at my aunt's house and listening to him talk about going to Vietnam. It was something he wanted to do and wasn't forced to do. As long as there's a breath left in my body I will make sure he is never forgotten. I've always missed him terribly. I would like to thank all the men and women who served in Vietnam for the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

Jacquie Pelletier Wiebe

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Warrant Officer Richard Joseph Bois died when his OH-6A LOACH (hull number 67-16370) was shot down by small arms fire while on recon mission about 7 kilometers north of Mo Duc airfield.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Martha A. Barrett

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