Alan Lee Boyer
Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
Missoula, Montana
March 08, 1946 to January 08, 1979
(Incident Date March 28, 1968)
ALAN L BOYER is on the Wall at Panel 46E, Line 52



18 Nov 1999


I wore Sergeant Alan Boyer's P.O.W. bracelet when I was much younger and still think of him today. The date on the bracelet is 03/28/68. One day I will make it to the wall in D. C. but for now I want to leave something at The Virtual Wall.

I teach school and one of the most powerful lessons I teach is passing around that bracelet and reading the book Talking Walls. I want my students to be able to visit the panel with Sergeant Boyer's name on it.

Thanks so much.
Penny Lane

19 Apr 2002

My name is Rick Folstrom and I have adopted SFC Alan L. Boyer, Special Forces, Vietnam. I have worn his bracelet for about three years and can count on my hands how many times I have taken it off.

It is very important to me to find any information on him or his family. He was last seen on March 28th, 1968, in Laos. He was getting extracted from a hot LZ, while climbing up the rope was shot and he and two others were left behind. I will never forget what he and everyone else has done for our country. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about where he is or what he would be like if he was here today. I will wear your bracelet, my friend, until you come home. You are not forgotten - I will be here waiting for you.


Rick Folstrom
702 3rd Ave NE, Hillsboro N. D. 58045

13 Nov 2002

I have worn Alan Boyer's bracelet for the last two years. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him or the other 2,000 still listed as POW/MIA. Our government may have given up on them but I never will. When they all come home, only then will I leave it alone. To any one who reads this, please never forget. Get a bracelet, fly the flag, do what ever it takes to make sure that we don't forget those left behind and written off by our government.

Drew Rude
E-mail address is not available.

6 Mar 2004

I have worn Alan's bracelet for over 14 years. I have been in the US Army and in Special Forces since 1983.
I worked in Laos in 1993 during a demining project and wore his bracelet then.
I am interested in any information on Alan and his family.

From one who wears his MIA bracelet,
CW4 John Blackadar

5 Jul 2004

My name is Rose Colamarino I live in Reading, Pennsylvania. I received the bracelet when I was 16 years old. I don't remember how I got it but I do remember praying for him every night and wearing the bracelet faithfully for years. I'm 56 years old and often think about him and hold the bracelet while saying a prayer. My boyfriend has a computer and he looked up the information about Allen for me. This is the first time I got to know about him and his life. I feel so sad that he is unaccounted for after all these years. My condolences to his family who must live with the hardship of their loss day after day. You are not alone.

Rose Colamarino

17 Oct 2005

I was in high school with Alan. He went to MacArthur High School in Decatur, Illinois and graduated with the class of "64". I joined the Army the day after we graduated and spent the next 20 years on active duty and retired in 1984. I served 5 tours with Special Foreces and for the last two years have worn a braclet for Alan and all those we left behind.

From a high school friend,
Michael R. Flynn

22 Jun 2007

Alan is a brother in Theta Chi Fraternity, Beta Epsilon Chapter, The University of Montana, Missoula, Montana. He is missed and we wish him Godspeed. Always The Helping Hand...

From a fraternity brother,
Chuck Hubbard

23 Jun 2007

I have had Alan's POW/MIA bracelet since they were sold in the 60/70's. I would like to locate any family of his to return it to them. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to help me find Alan's family.

Cindy Davis

12 Aug 2007

I have been wearing his bracelet since 1986 and will continue until Alan is home again. I live in Illinois as where I believe his Mom also does. I would be honored to meet her one day and let her know that I will always be as honored to wear it as he was to fight for his country.

Donna Grabs
P. O. Box 496, Peotone, Illinois 60468


Notes from The Virtual Wall

On 28 March 1968, a mixed US/Vietnamese reconnaissance patrol was operating about 15 miles inside Laos northeast of Tchepone. The patrol consisted of seven Vietnamese soldiers and three US Special Forces troops: SGT Alan L. Boyer, SGT Charles G. Huston, and SFC George R. Brown. The three Americans were assigned to the MACV Studies and Observation Group, Command and Control North, Forward Operating Base 4.

When the patrol made contact with an unknown enemy force, they requested exfiltration by helicopter. The terrain in the area precluded a landing and instead the helicopter hovered and lowered a rope ladder for the team to climb up to board the aircraft. Six of the Vietnamese had already climbed to the aircraft, the seventh was climbing aboard, and Sergeant Boyer was on the ladder when the helicopter began receiving heavy automatic weapons fire which forced the crew to break hover and leave the area.

As the helicopter moved off the rope ladder broke away, dropping SGT Boyer to the ground. When last seen by the helicopter crew Sergeants Huston and Brown were on the ground alive and apparently unwounded.

On 01 April a search team was inserted into the area and searched for 6 hours but failed to locate any evidence of the three men.

As time passed without any information on the three men, their survival became increasingly unlikely. After a decade, the Secretary of the Army approved presumptive Findings of Death for Huston (26 Jan 1977), Brown (12 May 1977), and Boyer (8 Jan 1979). Their remains have not been repatriated.

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