Clifford Lynn Breeden, Jr

Private First Class
Army of the United States
07 May 1945 - 17 October 1967
Hillsdale, Michigan
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Combat Infantry

Bronze Star (2), Purple Heart, Army Commendation, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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31 Dec 2004

Pfc. Clifford Lynn Breeden, Jr.

We called him Lynn, he had many friends and I am sure they have never forgotten him to this day as I have not. Lynn was always a leader, the first to offer a helping hand or put a party together. Lynn was handsome and he was my first true love. He changed my life forever, the day he gave his greatest sacrifice - killed in action on October 17, 1967. He was Pointman, Black Lions, Alpha Company 2/28, Ong Thanh. I will always have heart ache (along with many) for never having the chance to tell him ... to thank him and all Vets properly (if only there was a way) that they so deserve.

Someday, hopefully to meet again,
Nancy (Kirby) North Johnson

13 Jun 2005

Clifford Lynn Breeden was better known to his 1963 Hillsdale High School classmates as "Lynn". He was one of the most popular guys in school and during his senior year placed second on the trampoline in the state gymnastics meet.

Lynn Breeden was a terrific high school athlete and a special young man. During class reunions his name is almost always brought up and he is, and will continue to be, remembered by those with whom he grew up in Hillsdale, Michigan.

I first met Lynn on his first day of school in the eighth grade. His family had recently moved from Indiana to Hillsdale and he still hadn't found his way around school. I remember thinking, "He's a nice guy." and that was more than 40 years ago.

Lynn's brother, Jimmy, became a standout high school athlete and his sister, Barb, continues to live in Hillsdale, although his mother, Marge, passed away a few years ago. The last time I saw her in the middle 1990s, just the mention of Lynn's name brought tears to her eyes.

In November of 2005, Lynn will be inducted into the Hillsdale County Veteran's Hall of Fame. He will join those who served this nation from the Revolutionary War through the Gulf War.

From a high school friend,
Daniel William Bisher
Sergeant, USMC, 1963-1967; Vietnam 1965-66

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry had been operating west of the village of Chon Thanh since October 8th, conducting "search and destroy" operations in an area known to be occupied by large Viet Cong forces. Only four of the battalion's five companies (HHC, A, B, and D) were involved; C Company was providing fire base security for the supporting artillery unit.

On the morning of 17 October, Alpha Company led out from the night defensive perimeter on a recon-in-force with the battalion command group in company and Delta Company in trail. Around noontime Alpha was engaged by a very much larger enemy force and Delta Company deployed in support. By the time the remaining forces could deploy in support of the engaged troops, the battalion command group and both Alpha and Delta had sustained very heavy casualties. Charlie Company was air-lifted in to assist Bravo and HHC and by late afternoon the area was secured as the VC forces withdrew.

The fighting on 17 October resulted in 55 men killed in action, 3 who later died of their wounds, two missing in action, and 75 or more wounded. All 65 men in Alpha Company had been killed or wounded, Delta Company was little better off, and the Battalion Commander and his command group were dead.

The Virtual Wall's Ong Thanh memorial summarizes the action and lists the dead. The 2/28's artillery Forward Observer, 2nd Lt Harold Durham (C Btry, 6/15th Arty), received a posthumous Medal of Honor for his actions, and the 15th Arty's memorial includes a newspaper article which gives another account of the battle.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
Nancy (Kirby) North Johnson
1 Jan 2005

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