Steven Andre Broquist

Second Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
13 July 1944 - 14 May 1967
Champaign, Illinois
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Silver Star

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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25 Oct 2005

I didn't know Steve personally, but he and my father were inseparable as kids. Over the years I've heard numerous stories about Steve and what a great guy he was.

I felt that his name should be recognized here and hopefully a family member or other friends will see this and chime in.

We're sorry that Steve isn't here with us today but at least we know that he'll never be forgotten.

"Lt. Broquist was killed in hostile action in Quang Tri, South Vietnam. He served as battalion commander of the University of Illinois Naval ROTC and was commissioned at graduation in June, 1966. He completed officers training at Quantico, Virginia and arrived in South Vietnam March 8."
- taken from Alumni Association archives -

Josh Hellmer

19 May 2006

Dear Mr. Broquist, In my US History class we are studying all about the Vietnam war. I have learned a lot through the past few weeks. The stress and pain that you were put through really makes me thankful for everything that you have done. You were only 23 years old and had a full life to live. I also grew up in central Illinois. Your death has not just made me realize what you did for future generations but also because you lived so close to where my residence is now. Thank you once again for everything you did. Rest In Peace.

Jennifer Anstrom

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 13 May 1967 the 1st Bn, 9th Marines began a sweep in the area of Phu An, near Cam Lo. At about 4 PM the lead company was heavily engaged by an equal number of NVA troops. Fighting continued until nightfall, when the enemy disengaged. At daybreak on the 14th a running battle began, with the Marines pursuing the NVA and the NVA using heavy mortar fire to discourage the pursuit. Neither side won the advantage on the 14th; the Marines could not bring the NVA to bay and the NVA could not escape their pursuers. The stalemate continued through the 15th, with the NVA moving toward sanctuary in the Demilitarized Zone and the Marines using firepower to block their passage. A final exchange of fires occurred on the 16th, but the remaining NVA forces were able to successfully disengage and elude the Marines.

When the fighting stopped, 1/9 had lost 31 men over the four-day period:

  • A Company:
    • 1stLt Jerry E. Gorney, Hudson, OH (05/13/1967) (Silver Star)
    • SSgt Clyde Clark, Macon, GA (05/16/1967)
    • Sgt George R. Linder, Gardena, CA (05/16/1967)
    • Sgt James H. Waller, Lakeland, FL (05/13/1967)
    • Cpl Michael F. Buckley, Islip, NY (05/13/1967)
    • Cpl Thomas W. Chaffin, Clark Lake, MI (05/16/1967)
    • LCpl Michael J. Amato, Peekskill, NY (05/13/1967)
    • LCpl John M. Avila, Los Angeles, CA (05/13/1967)
    • LCpl Kenneth L. Hirst, Briarcliff, NY (05/13/1967)
    • LCpl Michael E. Stewart, Culpepper, VA (05/13/1967) (Navy Cross)
    • LCpl James D. West, West Milton, OH (05/15/1967)
    • Pfc Johnnie L. McDaniel, Agency, MO (05/14/1967)
    • Pfc Richard T. Sarakas, St Louis, MO (05/13/1967)

  • B Company:
    • LCpl Daniel T. Kelley, Fort Worth, TX (05/15/1967)
    • Pfc James E. Chadwick, Upper Sandusky, OH (05/15/1967)
    • Pfc Edward K. Meyer, Normal, IL (05/15/1967)

  • C Company:
    • Cpl Glen G. Burt, Reno, NV (05/13/1967)
    • LCpl Dale A. Pulliam, Wichita, KS (05/14/1967)
    • Pfc Donald K. Halvorsen, Eatontown, NJ (05/14/1967)
    • Pfc Milligan R. Williams, Atlanta, GA (05/14/1967)

  • D Company:
    • 2ndLt Steven A. Broquist, Champaign, IL (05/14/1967) (Silver Star)
    • SSgt Charles C. Burnett, St Joseph, MO (05/14/1967)
    • LCpl Earl G. Grubb, Silver City, NM (05/15/1967)
    • LCpl Kenneth L. Hearn, Indianapolis, IN (05/14/1967)
    • LCpl Joseph T. Keesee, Vinton, VA (05/15/1967)
    • LCpl Eldon E. Lambert, Mount Pleasant, NC (05/14/1967)
    • LCpl James T. Williams, Fairburn, GA (05/14/1967)
    • Pfc Thomas Allen, Delta, OH (05/14/1967)
    • Pfc Raymond M. Chasser, Euclid, OH (05/15/1967)
    • Pfc Joseph A. Jimenez, Houston, TX (05/14/1967)

  • H&S Company:
    • HM1 Forrest M. Stafford, Sneads Ferry, NC (05/14/1967)

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend of the family,
Josh Hellmer

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