James Arthur Brown

Specialist Four, Army of the United States


From New York, New York

05 August 1948 - 06 April 1969

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James Arthur Brown is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 27W Line 023.

30 Apr 2008

To honor Jim Brown's memory with this letter from his friend, my brother.

April 7, 1969

I'm afraid my Easter didn't bring too much enjoyment for us. We got into one heck of a fire fight yesterday. A friend of mine from New York got killed and another friend from NC got hit in the arm. Jim Brown the guy that got killed died waiting for a medivac chopper to get him out, a sniper kept firing on the chopper every time it would try to land. If we could have gotten him out he would have stood a chance of living. It is things like that which puts hatred in a person.

I helped carry Jim out of the jungle and believe me, I'll never forget it as long as I live, it seems like such a waste of a good man's life - it make me so mad.

Then yesterday evening I got my mail and I had a few Easter Cards - Happy Easter, it does bring tears to a man's eyes.

My brother, Sgt. James Thomas Coble, was killed May 15, 1969. He and Jim are both remembered on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington. May they rest in peace.

I would be glad to correspond with anyone who served with Jim or Tommy.

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the sister of Sgt. James Thomas Coble KIA 5/15/1969.

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