Richard Craig Brown

Specialist Five
Army of the United States
30 January 1946 - 10 March 1968
Uncasville, Connecticut
Panel 44E Line 004

Combat Medic

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

Richard C Brown

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24 May 2001

Richard C Brown

Doc, you were a mad man, you would go after our wounded any time and any place and that's what got you killed. It was good to know if someone went down they could count on you to be there in no time at all. After we lost you it was hard for the next medic to fill your boots. He didn't try to. I think you and him and all medics are all alike, if someone goes down they go get them no matter how bad it is. I guess this is not just for you, Doc, but for all the medics who gave everything for the men they were with. Thanks to you and them many of us are home today.

To the medics who gave all,
rest in peace.

To the ones who came home
you are not forgotten.

From a fellow Boonie Rat,
Edwin Tubbs

09 Jul 2005

I grew up with Richard (Dickie) Brown. He was all Army when we were in grammar school. We all had no doubt where he was going after he finished school. I will always remember when we would go over his house to get him to do something and he would come to the door and say "No thanks, I'm watching 'The Big Picture'" or "You Are There" or any other kind of program that had anything to do with the Army, past wars or the military. Or the days when we would be in his back yard playing army or simulating hand-to-hand combat in the piles of fall leaves on the ground and he would jump me while screaming "Banzai". Ironically my worst day in Nam was March 10, 1968 also. God bless you and keep you my friend. I'll see you when I get there, God willing.

From a childhood friend,
Richard Hart

P.S. - They named a street in our hometown after him.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry, lost three men on 10 March 1968:
  • SP5 Richard C. Brown, Uncasville, CT
  • SGT Robert Rera, Washingtonville, NY
  • CPL Stephen M. Worley, South Charleston, WV
Visit John Dennison's
Medics on the Wall
memorial which honors the
Army Medics and Navy Corpsmen who died in Vietnam.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow Boonie Rat,
Edwin Tubbs
24 May 2001

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