Arthur Brumagen
Second Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
Richmond, Kentucky
July 10, 1929 to November 24, 1966
ARTHUR BRUMAGEN is on the Wall at Panel 12E, Line 113

Combat Action Ribbon
Arthur Brumagen
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Photos submitted by fellow Marine, Mike Lopez. November 25, 2012. Additional Information from Victor Vilionas, USMC.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brumagen of Richmond KY, the husband of Elsie J. Brumagen, the father of son David and daughters Candice and Trudy Brumagen of South Glen Falls NY was a veteran of over fourteen years of service in the US Marine Corps and was commission as a 2LT in 1966. He arrived in Vietnam as a GySgt., on 20, July 1966 and was temporarily assigned to HQ., Company, 7th, Marine Regiment, where Vic Vilionas met him during the brief period he was assigned, to the S-2 section, replacing the Intelligence Officer. Vic vividly recalls the day when Gunnery Sergeant Brumagen entered the Command Operations Center with a broad smile sporting "Butter Bars", on the lapels of his utilities. He had just been promoted to 2LT and was on his way to command a platoon in a line Company. 2LT Brumagen was assigned to Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th, Marines on 2 October 1966.

During Operation RIO BLANCO the Marines were waiting at their designated LZ (Landing Zone) North of Xa Doi Dien village complex in Son Tinh District to be lifted out by helicopters to a new area of operations. At approximately 09:50H, on Thanksgiving Day, 24, November 1966, two hostile rounds of small arms fire were directed at the group of Marines. One of those rounds struck 2LT Brumagen in the head.

"All who met, served with, or served for Art Brumagen remember a remarkable man and will carry his memory to their graves" said Vilionas.

Photo courtesy of Maxine Wade. Gunnery Sgt. Richard Wade (L.) passed in 1985. Photo taken by C.I.B., Da Nang five minutes before Lt. Brumagen's (R.) death by sniper fire.


Edward Kenney took the Air Force entrance exam in 1966 and was told he had done well.

But he enlisted in the Marine Corps instead, in large part because of the persuasion of Gunnery Sgt. Arthur Brumagen, the Marine recruiter in Glens Falls from September 1964 to June 1966.

"He could walk across a room and not even break a crease in his trousers. He was really squared away," said Kenney.

Read the rest of the Kenney's story here along with a video tribute.

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Born in Richmond Kentucky, 2LT Arthur Brumagen was laid to rest near a stream and gentle Pine Trees, at the Queensbury Pine View Cemetery, Quaker Rd., in Glens Falls, New York.


Gunnery Sergeant Brumagen had received the Silver Star and a Purple Heart Medals, as a Corporal for his actions on 7 November 1952 while serving with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. His citation is replicated below.


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