Dale Richard Buis
Army of the United States
Pender, Nebraska
August 29, 1921 to July 08, 1959
DALE R BUIS is on the Wall at Panel 1E, Line 1

Dale R Buis
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05 Apr 2007

I knew your son.

I attended James Madison High School in San Diego, California where it was my good fortune to serve with your son Kurt in US Army Junior ROTC 1967-69. I graduated as Cadet Colonel, commanding all 6 ROTC schools in the city, and Kurt graduated as Cadet Sergeant Major, the highest ranking Cadet NCO in the city. We were friends outside of school and I always admired Kurt's sense of humor and adventure. There wasn't much he wasn't willing to try.

Kurt never spoke much of you to us, but we all knew of you and respected your sacrifice, and admired your son greatly. We didn't know then yours would be the first name listed on the Wall.

I later served during the evacuation phase of the war as a Marine Officer 1973-75. Please know this - you have a great son, and you are missed. I hope we will meet one day on the 'other side'. Semper Fi.

Gary Woods
former Captain, USMC

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Major Dale Buis, Master Sergeant Chester Ovnand, and two ARVN security guards were killed in a VC raid on the Military Assistance Advisory Team quarters at Bien Hoa. They were among the first Americans killed in action during the Vietnam war.

Major Buis' name is actually the first name on the Wall, Line 1 of Panel 1 East, followed by Chester Ovnand. After the Wall was built, it was discovered that two other Americans had died in Vietnam earlier. Their names, Richard B Fitzgibbon Jr and Harry G Cramer were added to the Wall later.

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