Roy Neil Burris

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
12 December 1948 - 27 February 1968
Dallas, North Carolina
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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7 Jul 2004

Kacky, or Dude as you were known, was loved by everyone in our platoon. You always had a big smile on your face and you were always ready for "action". Your can-do attitude was an inspiration to all of of us. I had the honor and privlege of being your friend and your squad leader and was as proud of you as any other Marine in our platoon. Your sense of esprit de corps was evident and each Marine within our squad knew if he was in trouble you would be there for him no matter how bad the situation was. Your small stature belied your big heart and your will to succeed.

The day you were killed we were in a battle just outside Mai Xa Thi and were getting hit hard by small arms, machine guns, rockets and artillery. You were behind a small Vietnamese grave shooting over it whenever it was possible. I remember you were next to Walton and laughing during this battle (not an uncommon occurence as we know but a surprise to non-combatants) about something Kevin said. Knowing him a fellow North Carolinian and a died-in-the-wool southern white guy who had many pre-conceieved ideas about race could never envision a world different than it was in the 60's. When you were hit we thought you were okay because when Kevin asked "Dude, you okay?" you simply nodded your head and slumped over. We came to your aid but you were gone in an instant. I remember Kevin picked you up during this battle and began walking to the rear with you in his arms. He would not let anyone help him with your body. He carried you back to where you were attended to by our docs. He was crying like a baby for the "friend" he had lost. We all were very touched by your death. We never were the same.

I contacted your mom, a lovely lady, and one of your brothers and told them you died quickly with those around you who loved and respected you. She was very gracious to me and thanked me for letting her know how you died and that you did not suffer and were not alone.

Kevin still lives in North Carolina and has never been the same since your death. He realized later how wrong he was to have the attitude about black and white. He changed his outlook on race. You might say because of you he has become a better person for all.

We will never forget you and we speak your name each and every reunion. Your life was not in vain. Your being there in Vietnam meant something to those who served with you. You were a wonderful example of what it means to be a fine young Marine.

May you rest in peace and look for each of us to be with together someday ... someday my good and honorable friend..

You will live in our hearts always.

Semper Fi ... Dude.

Luv - Snooks Strasser

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Mike 3/1 lost two men on 27 Feb 1968, LCpl Burris and LCpl Ramiro Cardenas of Aurora, Illinois.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his squad leader,
Brian (Snooks) Strasser
Cincinnati, Ohio 
7 Jul 2004

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