Sam William Busby

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
15 March 1950 - 27 February 1969
St Stephens, Alabama
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Sam W Busby

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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14 Mar 2002

I am Sam Busby's nephew. I am very proud what he did for the country. I didn't know him - I am only 12 years old. My grandmother sometimes takes out his letters. By the time she is done reading 3 of them she has already broken into tears. My Dad was six when he got killed. I have seen him only in pictures and we don't have too many of them. He liked to hunt and fish and play football and so do I. He mostly liked to deer hunt. I like it too but I enjoy doing all kinds of hunting. I know he died to give me the freedoms that I have today.

The guy that was feeding the bullets through the machine gun got shot and the machine gun jammed. He was leading a group of guys at the time and he went back to fix the machine gun and got shot in the knee and bled to death. I thank all the guys that fought in Vietnam.

God bless,
I miss you, Uncle Sam

From his nephew,
J. B.
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12 Nov 2003

There was a strong, young, mighty man that lived not so long ago. He was born and reared in America, this land that he loved so. He was very young and very brave and not too scared, you know. He loved America, the Land of the Free, and all the men that died for you and me.

Then there came a time of war, you know, and he, like so many, had to go. But he was not ashamed, you know, because he loved his country so.

He went with pride and dignity because he loved this land so free. He went so folks like you and me could worship with pride and dignity.

I hope that all of you can see that he died with dignity. He came home from school one day and told his mom he was going away.

So he left and went away, but we'll see him again someday. This is why I say to you, "Please enjoy this freedom, too".

By his brother,
Louie W. Busby

8 Mar 2005

I am Sam's brother. This was the last letter he wrote home to my mother before he got killed. He wrote it on the 21 of Feb 1969 and was killed on the 27 of Feb 1969.


Doing alright, just tired of war and being away from home. I would doanything in the world if they would just let me come home. All the things you and daddy always told me was true. I sure want to get back home and live like a real human. I know people bound to be praying for me, because I have been in some bad situations to come out of without geting shot. There isn't any use in trying to kid you about it. You know I'm a grunt and that my job is to find the enemy and kill and destroy them. When I tell you about some of the things that happen, don't worry. I know I'm going to make it as long as people keep praying for me. I've seen a lot of people die and can still hear the screams of the ones who get hit. It's bad but that's war.

Up on 1175 we went without chow for 6 days and nights. We took our dead and wounded with us for 2 days and 2 nights before we could get them out. My squad leader got killed and I took over the squad. The reason I'm up for a meritorious prmotion and medal is because of the actions I took in the battle.

Tell daddy he doesn't have to worry about me picking up the habit of drinking. I drink a beer once in a while when I was home, but I have no desire for it at all. I have no desire to drink. I know you knew and daddy did too that I drink a beer once in a while. I would rather have a soda any day. I trade my beer for sodas over here whenever we get some. I sure do miss being at home. So I'm going to be over here for 13 months, I'm going to do the best job I can, and try to be somebody . When I come home I will never go to war again. I think I've really grown up in the last few months. Mother, I would like to know if Debra married that guy or not. It's not going to mess my mind up or anything, I would just like to know. Don't worry about me, just keep praying for me. I hadn't been back to the rear so I haven't got my cake yet. I hope it hasn't ruined, write you again soon.


From his brother,
Louie W. Busby
19725 County Road 34, St. Stephens, Alabama, 36569

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Golf 2/9 lost two Marines and a sailor on 27 Feb 1969:
  • HM3 Robert E. Petschke, Springfield, MA, Corpsman, H&S Co with G/2/9
  • LCpl Sam W. Busby, St Stephens, AL
  • Pfc David S. Whitman, Knoxville, TN

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his brother,
Louie W. Busby
19725 County Road 34, St. Stephens, Alabama, 36569
14 Mar 2002

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