Marshall Lee Calender

United States Marine Corps
27 June 1948 - 27 February 1969
Rockford, Alabama
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Marshall L Calender

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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30 Sep 2001

Marshall and I joined the 26th Marines on the same date, early November 1968. Marshall transferred from the MP unit in Da Nang. The 3rd Battalion, 26th Marines rear area was behind Hill 327. The Battalion was actually afloat and we as replacements were awaiting transport to our assigned units. If my memory is correct we were both going to K 3/26.

There was some problem in getting us out to the bush so we spent a couple of weeks in the rear taking advantage of this respite from what was in store for us in the months ahead. Marshall carried a Chinese pistol that caught my attention. I asked how he got it. As Marshall related it to me he was walking point while patrolling the base parameter at Da Nang when he and a VC officer came face to face on a paddy dike in the pouring rain. Marshall’s response time was quicker than the enemy's so he became the owner of the enemy weapon. I asked Marshall why he volunteered for a line company and his response was that he did not feel that being in an MP unit was “really being a Marine”. I did not argue with him on this point. During the many card games we took part in he stated that he wanted to return to Alabama and college after his enlistment was up to study Veterinary Medicine.

For some reason my orders were changed and I was sent to the 7th Marines. Between 10 February and late April of 1969 my unit , Delta 1/7, along with 3/26 took part in Operation(s) Taylor Common and Oklahoma Hills. We were out near “Dodge City” when elements of 3/26 came through our lines. I asked a passing Marine if he knew Marshall Calender? He stopped and in a sad voice related to me of Marshall's’ death which had taken place only a few days earlier. (Feb. 27, 1969) From his account Marshall suffered a serious wound from an enemy 51 caliber round to his left arm and he died before he could be medevaced.

While I only knew Marshall for a short time his memory remains constant and will remain so.

Neil Wilson
Delta 1/7, 1968/69
Semper Fi

08 Feb 2005

I am sending a picture of Lee from his high school year book, 1966, and a picture of his grave marker. Lee is buried at Sears Chapel Methodist Church which is located approximately 3 miles north of Rockford, Alabama, on US Highway 231.

From a researcher,
Mark Sullivan
Alexander City, Al

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Kilo 3/26 lost four men on 27 Feb 1969:
  • CPL Marshall L. Calender, Rockford, AL
  • LCPL Craig N. De Michelle, Fresh Meadows, NY
  • PFC Daniel J. Minor, Everett, WA
  • PFC William H. Moore, Waverly, TN

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a fellow Marine,
Neil Wilson 
30 Sep 2001

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