Luis Hector Campos

Army of the United States
13 April 1949 - 27 September 1971
Meadow, Texas
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Luis H Campos

Army Aircrew

Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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8 Aug 2002

I didn't know of this man until I met his best friend. He is honored in the eyes of many ... especially in the Brotherhood who stayed behind. I wrote this poem for a man that made it back home and dedicated his life for those that didn't, but also to honor those who were only brought "Home" in memories. I place it here honoring Mr. Campos in memory and his best friend for his courage to keep fighting.

I Will Remember

You stepped on soil far from home.
You fought a battle not your own.
You flew the Flag with American pride
You stood strong at your brothers' side.
To the right and left your comrades fell,
Yet you didn't falter through that hell.
You stood your ground to the end
Then gave your life to save a friend.
I was young, a FNG
The life you saved that day was me.
You took my place in line to die,
Now on the blood drenched ground you lie.
Thirty years have come and gone,
And still that day in me lives on.
At night I see you in my dreams
I have yet to shake those horrible scenes.
You chose to spare my life that day
A debt I could never repay.
I made a vow right there and then,
To honor you in life, my Friend.
I set the goals I must achieve
Now all that's left is to believe.
You gave your life that I might live
So today, my all is all I give.
I have become who I am now
Upon completion of that vow.
To do the very best I can
And never forget the fallen man.

Christy Comer

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187TH Assault Helicopter Company
8 Oct 2004


Sorry I wasn't still around to get you out. The CO had other plans for me because I went on amnesty.

I've got a picture of you, Frank, and Mike (I think) that I still look at when your constant grin starts fading.

That's what I remember most about you: friendly, easy going, constant wide grin or big smile that burst into a laugh at any excuse. I think you understood that you don't have to always act like a warrior to be one. You and Frank were my favorites of the Mungs and Maggots!

Bet you're grinning now. Wish I could.

Via con Dios, amigo.

Always a friend,
Robert D. McKenzie
12149 Freedom Road, Booneville, Ar 72927

A Note from The Virtual Wall

At 1630 27 Sep 1971 a flight of 8 UH-1H Hueys (CHALK ONE thru CHALK EIGHT) departed Song Be Airfield enroute Di An. A Command and Control ship had departed a few minutes earlier for the express purpose of checking the enroute weather and reported to CHALK ONE that he encountered a ceiling of 1000 feet and visibility of 1/2 to 1 mile.

After lift-off the CHALK flight took up a heading of 225 degrees. By 1645 reduced ceilings forced a descent to 600 feet above sea level - about 400 feet above the highest terrain features - in heavy rain and poor visibility. CHALK FIVE observed a Huey in a steep descending right turn which ended in ground impact; the aircraft caught fire on impact. CHALK FIVE advised lead that an aircraft was down. CHALK ONE got a radio check and determined that the downed aircraft was CHALK SIX.

Lead then split the flight to intiate search operations, with CHALKS ONE through FOUR continuing to Di An and CHALKS FIVE, SEVEN, and EIGHT carrying out a search. As the weather deteriorated, the search party was forced to leave the area, proceeding to Phuoc Vinh to wait it out. After about an hour and a half the weather improved enough to allow search operations and the wreckage was quickly located. One survivor was sighted standing near the wreckage and was picked up using a jungle penetrator.

A ground team was able to reach the wreckage and recover the crew's bodies early on the 28th, but deteriorating weather and enemy activity prohibited recovery of the wreckage.

Four men of the 187th AHC died in the crash (UH-1H tail number 67-17371):

  • WO1 Steven Dale Karnehm, pilot
  • CPT John Julliano Kintaro, copilot
  • SGT Edwin Allen Kudlacek, gunner
  • SP4 Luis Hector Campos, crew chief

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend of the Brotherhood,
Christy Comer 
8 Aug 2002

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