David James Carnevale
Private First Class
Army of the United States
Woodside, California
January 05, 1944 to November 15, 1965
DAVID J CARNEVALE is on the Wall at Panel 3E, Line 53

David J Carnevale
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29 Mar 2002

PFC David James Carnevale
died in the fighting in the
Ia Drang Valley
November 1965.

Remembered by a friend,
Vaughn Warriner

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19 Jan 2003

I visited The Virtual Wall with a deep reverence.
I saw all these names and I've been touched.
Each war has its sacrifice and in Vietnam it has been too sorrowful.

I know about the Ia Drang battles.
I read of it
and I also read about all the heroic acts that American soldiers did there
and all their gallantry and sense of duty.

Now I write here especially to honor the memory of PFC David James Carnevale
who died in the LZ X-Ray battle
fighting for his Country with the legendary 1/7.

My last name is the same as his and that's enough for me to write here for him.
I am Italian and my Grandfather told me what U.S. soldiers did for my Country and I'll be always grateful to America too for the Democracy and freedom that today the Italian youth enjoy.

I want to thank PFC David James Carnevale,
who died at 21 years,
and thank all the names on this sacred Wall,
as sacred as their blood.

If somebody knows
please send me information about PFC David J. Carnevale.
I would like to know his story.
Thank you.

From a visitor,
Egidio Carnevale

1 Mar 2004

David James Carnevale was my younger brother. He was always happy and friendly. He was killed in action by hostile machine gun fire while on a search and destroy mission in the Ia Drang Valley 15 Nov 1965. We were notified of his death by a telegram delivered by a taxi cab driver. We recieved a letter from David the day before the telegram. He stated that he was sick like all of his buddies. He was shot down in a helicopter and lived. But his friend was killed. He also said a few more of his buddies were killed. He stated he has killed many people on the search and destroy missions and was sick of killing. I was in the US Army, 504th Military Police Battalion, from 1960 to 1963. The 504th was sent to Nam after I got out. Lucky for me.

I still miss my brother after all these years. They say time heals all wounds. I'm still sad that he died and sad about all the other young men and women who died in Nam. I saw the movie "We were Soldiers Once - and Young". At the movies' end Mel Gibson is looking at the Wall and in the middle of the screen was my brother's name on the Wall. Plus in the ending he was listed along with all the young men killed in the Ia Drang Valley. It was a sad day that day.

I would like to hear from anyone who knew David Carnevale and also from anyone who was in the Ia Drang Valley. E-mail me at 1bad29@inreach.com. Thank You.

From his brother,
Bob Carnevale

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