Russell Berton Carson

Army of the United States
08 October 1948 - 08 July 1969
Greentown, Ohio
Panel 21W Line 081


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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22 Feb 2002

Russell, you do not know who I am, but I recently "met" your sister Melinda and she told me about you, so I came to visit. She is a sweet person who has helped my son get through the difficulties of a new war America is now fighting. I feel close to the people of the Wall ... I have friends and a cousin who are there with you. I just want to say thank you for giving so much more than you had to give. May God always hold you in his arms.

A memorial from a friend,

01 Oct 2006

To a very good person - Butch Carson.

I grew up with my best friend Carl, your brother. You would take us places and were always there if we needed you. You would growl and grumble and like we were pests, but you always laughed and had fun, the same as us. You had a cool 1963 convertible ... riding with you was such a treat. I think about you often as I watch the news of other sons and daughters going home as Heros in a box. You are greatly missed.

Your little brother's best friend,
Bill Ritchie

11 Nov 2006

I know your sister. A very sweet and caring soul, and she led me to this site. Thank you!

Thank GOD for men such as yourself that gave it all for this Nation that we may all be free. Rest is His Love, Brother.


C. R. Atkinson Jr.

10 May 2007

Butch (Russell) and I became friends at Hoover High School from 1962 to 1966. We frequently ate lunch together at a little restaurant in town, listening to The Supremes and eating Junior Burgers. We had great times. Sometimes we would go up to his house on Raymond Street in Greentown. We never argued, ever, about anything. He was the most genuine human being I have ever known. When we had our senior banquet before graduation he told me he was joining the Army and would be in the 101st Airborne. He asked me if I wanted to join him. At that point in mt life I didn't know what I wanted. There have been so many times I wish I had said yes and gone with him. Butch was the best friend ever and had a big, big heart. I miss him a lot as I'm sure everyone who knew him does too.

From a friend,
Daniel Brown

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 08 July 1969 the 3rd Platoon, A Company 1/502nd Infantry, was conducting a sweep in a valley near the hamlet of Ma Cau, just north of the only slightly larger village of Hau Duc. The point squad was ambushed by North Vietnamese soldiers and the following squad moved up to help - but there were sufficient NVA forces to cut off both squads from the remainder of the platoon. The last radio contact with the encircled US force was at 1445 (2:45 pm) on 08 July. Air and artillery fires were used to cordon off the last known US position while reinforcements were moved in, but nightfall precluded a movement to contact. At first light on 09 July elements of 1/502 moved forward and by 0900 had made contact with the surviving US soldiers. Eleven Americans died as a result of the ambush:
  • SSG James C. Doloughty, Pittsburgh, PA (Died of wounds on 09 Jul 1969)
  • SGT Russell B. Carson, Greentown, OH
  • SGT William R. Garner, Burlington, NC
  • SGT James H. Manning, Haddam, CT
  • CPL Henry D. Hunter, Omaha, NE
  • CPL Thomas W. Hurlbut, Byron Center, MI
  • CPL John D. Martin, Jasper, TN
  • PFC Vernon D. Artis, Washington, DC
  • PFC Thomas Brooks, Augusta, GA
  • PFC Anthony A. Neville, Hyattsville, MD
  • PFC William E. Sisley, Angola, NY

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 22 Feb 2002
Last updated 11/03/2007