David Edward Carter

Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
27 February 1941 - 10 August 1969
Hamilton, Ohio
Panel 20W Line 121

5 INF DIV Army Ranger 75TH INF RGT
Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

David E Carter
Photo from The Hurricane, Vol 7, May 1968
A publication of II Field Force Vietnam
Captioned "On Patrol with F Co, 51st Infantry"

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Birthday Greetings for Feb. 27, 2001

Dear David,

Happy 60th birthday, brother. If you were here, I'd bake you a cake. I love you and miss you. Much love from your sister,


Birthday Wishes for Feb. 27, 2002

Dear David,

No cake, no candles, no party today.
It would have been your 61st birthday,
but you are gone away.

In my thoughts you will always be.
Happy Birthday!!!

Sadly missed by your sister,
Donna Carter Mainous

11 Nov 2002

Veterans' Day Remembrance for
SFC David E. Carter (my brother)
Killed in Action August 10, l969 at Quang Tri, South Vietnam

Remembering you with love on this Veterans' Day.

25 Dec 2002

Dear David

Unlike gifts that come and go
Or tinsel in the attic stored,
May the spirit of peace we hold so dear
Remain with us all throughout the year.

You'll be home for Christmas
Only in my dreams.

Merry Christmas
I love you,
Donna Carter Mainous

08 Mar 2003

Birthday Remembrance Febuary 27 1941

I didn't forget your birthday
I thought of you all day
There couldn't be a better time
For me to say
What it means to have a Brother
As dear as you have been

My only wish Simply said
Is that you could be here
Thru all the years ahead

Happy 62nd Birthday

Birthday Wishes
For February 27, 2004

Dear David

If you were here today
We'd celebrate your birthday

You are gone from sight
But not from my heart

My wish is for today
But my love is for always

Happy 63rd Birthday

With Love
Your sister, Donna Carter Mainous

Veterans Day Nov. 11, 2004

Dear David
I visit your grave
I place a flag
In the breeze it will softly flutter
I do it for you in love
You're my brother

Love, Your sister, Donna Carter Mainous

20 Feb 2005

Birthday Wishes

Dear David
Your Birthday on Feb 27
Is a time to Remember
A Special person in my Life...
A Special Person like You.

Happy 64th Birthday from your Sister
Donna Carter Mainous

04 Nov 2005

A Veterans Day Remembrance November 11 2005


I remember a tall fellow ahead of the crowd
A leader of men marching fearless and proud
As you turned your head with a quite smile
I see you clearly today tho it has been awhile

I can't have old days back
And some may forget you now
But I will always remember
That you gave your life for our country

With Love
From his sister, Donna Carter Mainous

18 Feb 2006

Dear David

I will be thinking of you on your birthday
And though we are apart
May the special love
I'm sending your way
Always keep us close at heart

HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY February 28, 2006

Love, Your Sister,
Donna Carter Mainous

Memorial Day
May 29, 2006

Dear David,

Every day in some small way
Memories of you come to mind.
Though absent you are always near,
Still missed, loved, always dear.

Love from your sister,
Donna Carter Mainous

Veterans Day Remembrance
November 11, 2006

For SFC David E. Carter

Death is Final
I Mourn
I Memorialize
I Miss You

Thinking of you today.

Love from your sister,
Donna Carter Mainous

15 Feb 2007

Birthday Remembrance
SFC David E. Carter
Born February 27, l941

Dear David

No length of time can take away
My thoughts of you on your birthday.
Whatever else I forget to do,
I will never fail to remember you.

Happy 66th birthday, Brother

Love, your sister Donna Carter Mainous

Memorial Day, May 30, 2007

In Loving Memory of my brother, Sgt. First Class David E. Carter
Feb. 27, 194l - Aug. 10, 1969

Dear David
They say there is a reason
And time will heal
But neither time nor season
Will change the way I feel

Your resting place I visit
And place flowers with care
No one knows how my heart aches
As I turn and leave you there.

I Love You and Miss You
Donna Carter Mainous

November 11, 2007 Veterans Day
For Sgt. 1st Class David E. Carter

Dear David,

I am writing to say how much I miss you this Veterans Day.

You hold a place of highest honor and praise within my heart.

You gave ALL, your LIFE, in service to our country.
No one could ask for more.

Your loving sister,
Donna Carter Mainous

Donna Carter Mainous
20 March 2002


We were boys then, you and I. But you were a year older. We were neighbors and rode the bus to school together. We both lived on farms so we didn't get together much. I missed you when you left for the service, your easy laugh and ready smile. But I admired you in your uniform and dashing physique. I always counted it a privilege to talk to you. You were kind and gentle and easy to relate to.

I cried when I heard of your death in Nam and was unable to attend the funeral. Then not long after I followed you there and walked through the "Valley of Death" for six months. Though critically wounded God spared my life and brought me home. I lived to have a wonderful wife and two precious children. I don't know why God took you and not me. You were so noble and had so much to live for. But I will always remember you. And the memories are an encouragement to me to carry on and pass on the values you and I shared as boys.

May the memories of you always be a blessing to those who knew and loved you.

Semper Fi

Vic Edwards

23 July 2002

I remember when we were together in F/51 LRPs, remember the day we each departed for our own assigned units, you went to Papa Company Rangers and I went to Oscar Company Rangers, each of us with the memories of having served together in F/51 LRPs. We loved F Company, we loved the fact that we accomplished what others failed to do, what others knew of our accomplishments and deeds.

I shall miss you, it was very hard when we learned what had happened to you in Papa, and all the others from F/51 LRPs in Papa. We cried, we hurt, we remembered, and we will never forget our BROTHERS.

Keep the LZ cleared for us, we will meet you there and know that you're guarding the MAN up there. So long, MY BROTHER.

Speedy - A LRP
Sine Pari

14 Jun 2005

I was an Army photojournalist in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 and covered a mission with Sgt. Carter's F-Company, 51st Infantry heavy (12-man) LRP team. I was with the team for about a week and was impressed by his professionalism, his courage, his dignity and his humanity. He was an exceptional leader and he had the respect of the brave men with whom he served. I was saddened to learn that he hadn't made it home.

Paul Temple


Still missing you, you are forever in my heart.

Your sister,
Linda Carter Garrett

26 Nov 2005

Uncle David,

Though I never knew you, I have heard so much of you, especially how handsome. I wish I could have known you, and if you were anything like my mamaw, Linda, it would have been a privilege.

From his great-niece,
Heather Stewart Ramirez
Hamilton, Oh

28 Dec 2005

I have read many books regarding the LRPs and David's name has cropped up several times.

He is a true hero for which his family and country must be very proud. David will not be forgotten.

Jonathan Warne
Bath, England

Office of the Adjutant General
Washington, D. C., 20315

6 JUL 1970

AGPB-AC Carter, David E.
SSAN 275-38-3046 (10 Aug 69)

Mrs. Catherine M. Sexton
3225 Pleasant Avenue
Hamilton, Ohio 45015

Dear Mrs. Sexton:

I have the honor to inform you that your son has been awarded posthumously the Bronze Star Medal (First Oak Leaf Cluster) for heroism, Army Commendation Medal (First Oak Leaf Cluster), and the Purple Heart.

Prior to death, David had been awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge, Expert Badge with automatic rifle and pistol bars, Sharpshooter Badge with grenade launcher, and the Ranger Tab.

Arrangements are being made to have these awards presented to you in the near future by a representative of the Commanding General, First United States Army.

My continued sympathy is with you.


Major General, USA
The Adjutant General





Staff Sergeant Carter distinguished himself by heroism on 4 December 1967 while serving as Patrol Leader, Company F (Long Range Patrol), 51st Infantry, II Field Force Vietnam. On this date, while leading a reconnaissance patrol five kilometers north of Tan Uyen, Sergeant Carter's patrol observed a Viet Cong platoon and rapidly opened fire, killing two Viet Cong soldiers and placing an intensive volume of suppressive fire upon the remaining enemy force. Observing an abandoned enemy weapon on the trail, Sergeant Carter exposed himself to enemy fire to seize the weapon. He then directed his patrol to throw grenades and detonate claymore mines to break contact. Leading the patrol to a small landing zone for extraction, he simultaneously directed close helicopter gunship fire on the enemy. Sergeant Carter's bravery in the face of the enemy was in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Donna Carter Mainous

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 23 Feb 2001
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