Fred Joshua Carter

First Lieutenant
United States Air Force
06 February 1945 - 05 November 1969
Columbia, South Carolina
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USAF Pilot

DFC, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

The database page for Fred Joshua Carter

03 April 2002

Fred Carter

Photo courtesy of his wife,
Nancy Carter Reynolds
125 S. Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, SC 29205

Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 69-01,
Moody Air Force Base,
remembers our fallen classmates.

These men graduated from pilot training in 1968 but didn't come home from Vietnam and Laos in 1969 and 1970. Their pictures are from our pilot training yearbook.

We will always remember them.

Dave Bowling
flew the C-7 Caribou with the 459th Tactical Airlift Squadron and is remembered at

Fred Carter
went into F-4 PHANTOMS with the 559th Tac Fighter Squadron.
He and his crewmate, Wade A. Greer,
are buried together in Arlington National Cemetery.

Carl Churchill
flew F-4s with the 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron out of Ubon RTAFB in southeast Thailand. He and and his crewmate, LtCol Lawrence Y. Conaway, were shot down on 03 May 1970 northeast of the Plaine des Jarres in Laos.
They haven't come home yet.

Jim Gilmore
flew the O-2 with the 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron.

Ron Knight
flew EC-47s with the 6994TH Security Squadron and is remembered on the
EC-47 site.

The original memorial pages to these men are located at

A memorial initiated by
Alan Baker
04 Jun 1999

22 Sep 2003

Just wanted to say goodbye to Nancy's handsome husband.
I am so sorry that he was killed.

From a friend,
Ellen Reynolds
E-Mail will be forwarded by the

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 05 Nov 1969, 1st Lt Fred Carter and Capt Wade Greer were flying F-4C tail number 63-7604. As they returned from an interdiction mission, they were given a ground-controlled approach into Cam Ranh Bay airfield. During the approach the F-4 simply disappeared from the controller's radar screens - no reason for the crash was ever found. The wreckage eventually was located and the remains of the two men recovered. They are buried together in Arlington National Cemetery.

Photo by Michael Robert Patterson, 1999, of the
Arlington National Cemetery web site.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his wife,
Nancy Carter Reynolds
125 S. Waccamaw Ave., Columbia, SC 29205
04 Jun 1999

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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