Richard William Casey

Army of the United States
10 May 1948 - 27 November 1968
Los Altos, CA
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

Richard W Casey

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I am Phyllis Hunsley, widow of Dennis R. Hunsley. Richard W. Casey was our son's godfather. Richard was the oldest of 5 children and would come to our house and study calculus. He entered the Army when he was still 17 after graduating high school and became a Green Beret.

Richard was in a helicopter that was shot down and was Missing in Action until he was found about January 1969. I lost touch with his parents, Marie and William Casey, in 1973 or so.

Richard Casey and Dennis Hunsley on Christmas leave, 1966, Hannibal MO
Richard Casey and Dennis Hunsley on Christmas leave, 1966, Hannibal MO

He was a special guy. Dennis and Casey were planning on going into business together after they got out of the service.

Phyllis J. Hunsley
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Sergeant Richard Casey, 5th Special Forces Group, died when the helicopter carrying him was shot down in Cambodia, and the records indicate that his body was not recovered until some time after he died.

Only one US helicopter is known to have been shot down in Cambodia on 27 November 1968 - a UH-1F of the 20th Special Operations Squadron based at Ban Me Thuot. The 20th SOS Huey was carrying ten men, 4 crewmen and a 6 man US/Vietnamese Special Forces reconnaissance team. The team was to be inserted in Rotanokiri Province, Cambodia, 10 miles west of Duc Lo, SVN. As the Huey began its approach to a ten foot hover, it came under heavy enemy fire, crashed in the landing zone, and burned. Three crewmen and two US recon team members escaped the wreckage and were recovered, but the other five men died in the crash. Several attempts were made to recover the bodies of the other men but were unsuccessful due to stiff enemy resistance.

One helicopter and two Americans were lost in Cambodia that day ... Air Force Staff Sergeant G P Stuifbergen is the crewman who died aboard the UH-1F; his remains were never recovered. While it cannot be said with absolute assurance, it seems likely that Sergeant Richard Casey also was aboard the helicopter.

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