David Jude Cavis

Second Lieutenant
Army of the United States
17 December 1943 - 22 February 1968
Hubbell, Michigan
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Silver Star

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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07 Sep 2007

David J. Cavis was the son of Charles and Clarice Cavis of Hubbell, Michigan, brother of Charles, Jr. and Mark. Born December 17, 1943, David attended the Osceola Township Schools, graduating from Dollar Bay High School, class of 1961. He attended Suomi College for two years prior to transferring to Northern Michigan University in 1963. David played basketball for the Dollar Bay Blue Bolts and the Suomi College Lions. He was a hunter, a fisherman and an outdoor enthusiast. He became a little more serious about studies when he transferred to NMU in 1963.

Dave or "Putt-Putt" as his friends and family called him was known for his love of fun, pranks, sports, the outdoors, and general up-beat behavior. Being his youngest brother, I had the opportunity to be mentored by him in lots of ways that continue to surprise me. I observed him one sunny hot summer afternoon put his life on the line for a small friend of mine who was a little to anxious to go fishing. When Steve attempted to cast his much oversized rod with hook off the dock, the momentum of the cast took him into deep water, falling off the dock of the Dreamland Hotel. Putt, seeing this, and knowing that Steve couldn't swim, immediately jumped in the water diving deep to get him, and coming up with an astounded child thankful for his actions.

Putt graduated from NMU in the spring of '65 with a B.S. degree in Biology. He joined the Army shortly after that, enrolling in OCS and becoming a 2nd Lt in the 1st Infantry Division. He went to Panama for Jungle Training and by the end of 1967 was on his way to Vietnam. He is sadly missed by both brothers and family members.

For his actions in combat, David received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Metal, and the Purple Heart.

From his brother,
Mark A. Cavis
51840 Maple Street, Hubbell, Michigan 49934

2ndLt Charles A. Cavis, U.S. Army
2ndLt David J. Cavis, U.S. Army

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20 Dec 2007

I remember my cousin David (Putt) as a very fun loving and caring individual. I lived across the street from David at our Grandma Ewen's house when we were growing up. He was about 6 years older than me.

Putt would come over there nearly every day after school or after his basketball practice. He was always looking for some of Grandma's homemade fresh bakery and food. I remember him saying "What do ya have good to eat, Grandma?" I knew Grandma always had something good to eat and he'd find it. He also knew Grandma would always say to save something for Uncle Jim's pail.

He loved rabbit and deer hunting with our Uncle Jim. They went hunting as often as they could. When they were successful I remember seeing the deer hanging in the tree or the two of them cleaning the rabbits. I remember seeing him in camouflage or hunter orange quite often. He was quite an outdoors person. And he and Uncle Jim had a special relationship because of those same interests.

He also loved to play pinnochle with the family in the evenings. He and Uncle Jim would usually be partners and cheat like buggers (They'd NEVER admit it though). They would have more fun because Grandma and her partner were always so serious about the game. They didn't really care if they won, they just liked teasing their opponents.

He loved playing practical jokes on people. I remember him teasing me a lot of times and me getting so mad at him. He'd just laugh!

Putt played for the Dollar Bay High School basketball team and I remember listening to the games on the radio and being so proud of him because he was most often the leading scorer and HE was my cousin.

David was very loving to his younger brother Mark. He was nearly a teenager when Mark was born but I remember him spending a lot of time with Mark. You could see the special relationship the two of them shared together.

When David was killed in Vietnam, I was living in Chicago and had to travel by train to attend his funeral in Hubbell. While on the train I saw a soldier sitting across from me and I asked if he was escorting a soldier "home". Unfortunately he was, it was my cousin David. It was quite unsettling for me. I remember his body being removed at the Houghton train depot and being greeted by the local VFW honor guard. I can look back now as it being my opportunity to help escort my cousin David Cavis, an American Hero back to his family and friends.

From his cousin,
Cheryl Cundy Rozman
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

Regretably, neither the 1st Infantry Division's or the 3rd Brigade's ORLL gives any detail regarding what the 1st Bn, 16th Infantry was doing on 22 Feb 1968 ... all we know is that Alpha Company was conducting a search and destroy operation somewhere in Binh Duong Province, that they engaged an enemy force, and that five members of Alpha 1/16 were killed in the engagement:
  • CPT Loyd M. Willson, Dallas, TX, Company Commander (Silver Star)
  • 1LT Edward L. Worthington, El Paso, TX
  • 2LT David J. Cavis, Hubbell, MI (Silver Star)
  • SGT Theodore Coaxum, Charleston, SC
  • SP4 Kendall H. Clark, Elwood, NE

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his brother,
Mark A. Cavis
51840 Maple Street, Hubbell, Michigan 49934

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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