Joseph Carmen Cerrone, Jr

United States Marine Corps
03 January 1948 - 18 August 1968
Stoneham, Massachusetts
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Purple Heart (2 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Joe Cerrone, left
Joe Cerrone, left.
Courtesy Ed Ryan

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01 June 2003

Another Memorial Day has come and gone. Two of Sleepy's brothers, Ed Ryan and I, remember Sleepy and Joe Cerrone who fell together that night. We can't speak for anyone else but as long as we live and breath these two Heros will never be forgotten. They accepted the challenge and rose to the task of fighting for the freedom of an oppressed people and will always be remembered.

In the words of another Marine Hero, Sgt Major Daley,

"Their actions have made them immmortal. The Corps remembers them and honors what they did, so they live forever. If you hide in the trenches you may survive for now but someday you will die and no one will care. If you charge the guns you may die in the next two minutes but you will be one of the immortals. All Marines die, either in the red flash of battle or in the white cold of a nursing home. In the vigor of youth or in the infirmity of old age, all will eventually die. But the Marine Corps lives on and every Marine that ever lived is living still, in the Marines who claim their title today. It is that sense of belonging to something that will outlive your own mortality that gives people a light to live by and a flame to mark their passing."

SEMPER FI, Joe, We will meet again.

A memorial initiated by a friend,
Mike Cone
5249 Wellington Park Circle, B35, Orlando, Florida, 32839

02 Jun 2003

Dear Joe

It has been nearly 35 years since I sat in your parents' living room
and listened to your father's anguished voice
devastated by your loss.

I have become richer because of you.
I have met your sisters.
They have met Ed, and now we have met Mike.

I don't know why it became my mission to bring them together after all this time, but I didn't let you down, Joe. Your buddies are now my buddies. They are OK, Joe, I promise. Thank you for still enriching our lives. Still, every spring when children start playing baseball at the Little League field, I see you there. You will always be a hero to me, Joe - Semper Fi.


23 Jul 2003

I just booked my reservation to Stoneham. Judy and I will be visiting the family (Sisters and Aunts) and friends again this Aug 18th. 35 years have gone by, seems like a long time to some but for Mike and I it was only yesterday.

Kathy is always busy with research, trying to contact more of the Marines from Hotel 10. As you know she has done an outstanding job to date. Located your family and CAPMarine, Mike Cone for me. Mike hasn't changed over the years. We got together down in Melbourne Fla. and visited the "Moving Wall" - we had our talk with you at the Memorial.

Joe, you will always remain in our hearts and prayers.

That Sunday night, August 18, 1968, we will never forget how you and Mike (Sleepy) O'Neill gave your lives for the people of Lang Co Village and 3rd CAG Hotel 10 Marines. I miss you, we miss you, we will meet again.

Semper Fi, Marine


30 May 2005

Words cannot explain how I feel right now. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance to our fallen comrades and buddies. BUT!! for the living it's the day BBQ season begins.

This August 18th you left us 37 years ago. You left us with an inner strength that taught us to continue to help our Disable Veterans in our VA Hospitals. You taught us about "The Wall" in Washington DC. My first visit there I was shaken and scared but once I found your name and touched it, I felt your accomplishments and how you effected all of your Marines in Hotel 10 and the Villagers of Lang Co, Vietnam.

You will always remain in my heart and Prayers.
Semper Fi, Marine, Rest in Peace.

From a friend and comrade-in-arms,
Ed Ryan
09 Nov 2003

Dear Joe,

Your spirit is alive and well. As always, you are in our thoughts. Thanks to Kathy M (who we believe was guided by God's hand) we have been introduced to a few of your very close friends who were there on your last day. They have provided us with answers to the many questions we have lived with these past 35 years. We hope that it has helped them as much as it has helped us. It is amazing to us that after 35 years you are still alive and well in so many people's minds and hearts. We have come full circle.

God Bless Ed and Mike and their tremendous families for all that you have done for us.

Love from your sisters,
Jeanne Frances, Janice, Jude and Jackie

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sisters,
Jeanne Frances, Janice, Jude and Jackie
1 Jun 2003

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