Larry Jack Clanton

United States Air Force
15 June 1940 - 23 March 1968
Cupertino, California
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O-1 Birddog

Silver Star

USAF Pilot

DFC, Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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09 Mar 2005

Larry and I were both based at Clinton-Sherman AFB, Oklahoma, flying B-52's. I was new on the base and he took me "under his wings" and showed me the ropes. He was a fun guy and well-liked on and off duty. He sent letters from Vietnam telling of his experiences. How I wish I had kept them. My wife and I often wonder how his family is doing and hoping all is well with them. I can't think back to CSAFB or my military career without thinking about Larry.

I am now on an Arc Light Reunion Committee and have found many former crewmembers from Clinton-Sherman who have asked about Larry's family and many of us would like to talk to his widow, Judy, if anyone would be nice enough to direct us to her (or the children's) whereabouts.

Chuck Roedema
1004 Lynhurst Lane, Denton, TX, 76205

25 Sep 2005

I am Judy Clanton, widow of Larry Jack Clanton. Larry's Children and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who either were stationed with us at Clinton-Sherman AFB or at Williams AFB, or those who flew with Larry in Viet Nam.

Our children Todd, Suzanne {Gretchen}, Kim, and Lisa are great reminders of the humor, love, and many talents their Dad possessed. He is lovingly remembered and honored by all his family. He truly represented all the best a military hero can be. We miss him daily.

Larry's legacy includes 10 grandchildren and we see him in their smiles, those blue Clanton eyes and several look very much like their Grandfather.

I can be reached at

From his wife,
Judy L. Clanton
Whidbey Island, Washington

23 Feb 2006

I have been trying to find my Aunt Judy for many years. I haven't talked to her since Uncle Larry's funeral in California. This is the greatest site I could have ever found. I have fond memories of my uncle ... when I was younger he was a police officer and he would come and see my brother and me. I am so glad that I was able to read a message from my Aunt Judy and find out how all the kids are doing. Thank You.

From his niece,
Sheila Diane Lane (Hunter)

13 Jul 2006


by his daughter,
Kimberly Colleen Clanton (Gunther)
04 Jul 2007

I remember Larry very well, especially when Memorial Day or Independence Day comes around each year. Those who I knew and served with come to mind, and I can see them as if it were yesterday. I served with Larry at the Baria outpost where he flew recon and strike missions every day. I was a Sergeant in charge of aircraft maintenance, but on many occasions had flown on missions as a back up in case the pilot could not fly becouse of injuries sustained during battle. They taught us how to bring the plane back in if they couldn't. I was to fly with Larry that day, but a radio message came in that another FAC pilot was to land at our outpost and would need refueling before returning to Bien Hoa Air Base ... So I remained on the ground. The other Fac pilot (I can't remember who he was) decided to observe the same area that Larry was flying recon, which was a B-52 strike on a mountain range close to our outpost area. The two planes collided as they were flying in and out 0f the smoke columns from the bombing mission. The landing gear of the other plane tore through the top of the canopy of Larry's plane, severing the flight controls. As he went down, he fired off all the ordinance which was procedure during an emergency crash or landing. The other pilot made an emergency landing at Bien Hoa AB.

I will never forget Captain Larry Clanton. He was my friend and protector in time of battle. He aways talked of family and his love of life altogether. Some day I will make it to the Wall in Washington DC and stand by his name ... and then I will salute, as I remember those good days!!! Good by, Larry ... We will fly again one day!

From a friend,
Ron White

A Note from The Virtual Wall

Captain Clanton was conducting a visual recon mission in an O-1F (tail number 57-02814) when he collided with another Bird Dog. Although the other crew apparently survived the mid-air, Captain Clanton did not.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his wife,
Judy L. Clanton
Whidbey Island, Washington

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