Terry Walker Clifton

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
30 December 1948 - 20 November 1968
Jacksonville, FL
Panel 38W Line 015


Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


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23 Sep 1998


Terry Clifton

From his sister,
Linda Durham
24 Jul 2003

I just discovered this site and found your name on it. It's been a long, long time since that day you left us. We didn't get much time together after you transferred to the LRPs but we became best of friends. You traded teams that day to go out on the mission with me and it cost you your life. I've always blamed myself for your death, my friend, and I'll go to the grave wishing you would have let me talk you out of trading places. You were a courageous soldier that day. You never lost your cool in the battle. I watched you perform during the enemy attacks on your side of the perimeter. You were a true professional. You made me proud that you were my friend and brother. When we were hit by the Chicom claymore and I watched you die ... well, I've never really gotten over it.

I've offered a lot of prayers for you over the years, and maybe a few for myself, too. We lost some good people that day, and a lot of others who survived had their lives ruined by that experience. Me, Souza, Cox, Bacon, and Walkabout are all 100% disabled. Billy's a total mess and has been since that day. Jimmy Venable died a couple of years ago in an aircraft accident. Sours and Czepurny won't talk to anyone. Twelve guys ... five dead, one a basket case, and the rest messed up. Tough mission!

I got to talk to your sister, Linda, and your cousin in Kentucky. I missed your mother by just a few months. But then you know that since she's with you now. I planned on contacting her when I got home from Nam ... but then I just couldn't. The pain was too much, and I knew that I would fall apart trying to tell her why and how you died. I'm sorry that I wasn't strong enough to finish the job.

I miss you, buddy. I wish that you would have made it so we could have shared some of the good times together. We still honor all of you at the reunions each year. None of you have been forgotten. Save us a place up there because it won't be that much longer for the rest of us. Maybe someday we can finish the mission. See you soon.

From a teammate,
Gary Linderer
201 N. Adams St., Festus, MO 63028

17 Mar 2004

"Old Friend" - How well I remember you, and the "happy Times" we had, being on the same baseball team at Lackawana Park in Jacksonville. Remember the team sponsor? It was "Pat and Mike's Restaurant". You would "hoof it" over to where I lived on Saturday morning and you and I would walk together to Lakawanna Park. How well I remember your "distinct" Kentucky accent. I sure am sorry you are gone,but I'll NEVER forget you, Ray, and your sisters, and your Grandmother. I promise I'll be a "good guy", and always do "the right thing" in life. Back in 1968, I had heard you were "gone",but I never heard "how", "when", or "where" until I came across a story in Viet Nam Magazine many years later. I will always remember you,and you will always be "my Friend". God Bless You, "OLD FRIEND". Tommy Driggers

From a friend,
Thomas E. Driggers
P. O. Box 331548, Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

A Note from The Virtual Wall

F Company, 58th Infantry, provided the 101st Airborne Division's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols (LRRP). The F/58 site indicates the company lost four men on 20 November 1968 as described above: Some records indicate that Sergeant Reiff and SP4 Heringhausen were officially assigned to B Company, 2nd Bn, 502nd Infantry, at the time of their deaths.

Terry Walker Clifton is remembered by his comrades in
Fox Company, 58th Infantry

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Linda Durham
23 Sep 1998

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