Miguel Zaragoza Contreras

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
23 November 1945 - 20 July 1967
Corona, California
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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22 Mar 2004

This is to my friend Miguel Z. Contreras who was known to everyone at Corona High School in the early 60s as Mike. As I recall Mike and I were in the Cadet Corps together with Major Pauley, over 40 years ago. Mike was an intelligent, popular Chicano who was well liked and respected by his peers of all colors. I believe that we both shared several classes together along with respect for each other. Mike was tough as you had to be at Corona High and the Communist troops seemed to have a vendetta with young men of this area as many were killed and the 3 towns mentioned here together didn't have a total population over 25,000. I knew both the best and the worst from this area but all of these friends of mine, each and every one of them, were different and special as they were "all" representative of what was right with America until the murder of the "Prince of Camelot" and the subsequent moral decay of our nation. Mike was brave and I'm sure that he and his brothers in arms are all in the arms of the greatest leader and creator ever. To my friend Miguel, I salute and state "Eh amigo, hasta la vista bravado, y vaya con Dios hermano, con mucho admiraccion, tu amigo, LIONHEARTS".


09 Mar 2006

Thank you for your kind words. Miguel Contreras, known to his family as Michael, would have been my uncle. Unfortunately he passed before I was born. My father, his brother, remembers him well and I'm glad to see his name on this site. He and my mother spoke of what a good man he was and what a great loss to the family. To this day my grandmother keeps a picture of him, in his uniform, in her bedroom.

From his niece.
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The 1/5 Marines' Command Chronology for July 1967 states that a squad patrol from Delta 1/5 engaged a 25-man NVA unit. The remainder of the Delta 2/5 platoon, a platoon from Charlie 2/5, and a tank element deployed to assist the engaged squad, but the NVA withdrew as the larger force approached. The engagement resulted in the deaths of several NVA soldiers and 2 POWs - but at the cost of one Marine killed in action, LCpl Miguel Contreras.

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22 Mar 2004

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