Scott Howard Cook

Private First Class
Army of the United States
29 January 1948 - 30 December 1967
Pacific, Missouri
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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13 Dec 2001

Come and take a walk with me
And meet some friends of mine.
There are thousands of them
So plan to take some time.

Each and every one of them
Was someone's next of kin
And each and every one of them
Was someone's dearest friend.

You may be surprised to learn
Not all of them are men.
For there are several women here
Whose lives came to an end.

Many were so very young
When off to war they went.
Some of them asked to go
And needed Mom's consent.

We are now at the point
Where East and West do meet.
We are now at the place
Where the circle is complete.

I know we've walked so very far
And seen so many names.
Yet half of them are still ahead
To give up now would be a shame.

Some of them were older
Leaving wives and kids behind.
Now families come to look and hope
For any peace that they can find.

I think that you should know
Not all the names belong.
There are hundreds waiting
For us to bring them home.

Now we've reached the very end
And thousands you have met.
Can all of them depend on you
Never to forget?

Written while visiting Scott Cook at the Wall
Donna Ward Winsett

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 30 Dec 1967 four men from A Company, 4th Bn, 23rd Infantry, were killed during an artillery/mortar attack:

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
Donna Ward Winsett 
13 Dec 2001

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