Frank William Cox, Jr

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
04 June 1938 - 14 July 1968
Elmira, New York
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign


The database page for Frank William Cox, Jr

25 May 1999

Unidentified soldier "baptises" Frank Cox.

All of my life I have heard your story, but until only recently did I hear your name. We spent years and hit many dead ends trying to find out the name of the officer who was so seriously wounded walking point for my father and whether or not he (you) were still alive. You didn't have to walk point that day, you were an officer. But you never belittled your E.M. My dad was carrying the starlight scope and should not have been walking point either. So you took over for him. They said you died instantly but you didn't. You lost 3 limbs and the 4th was barely hanging on, but you were still alive, awake, and yelling out orders, looking out for your men, when Daddy picked you up and put you on the chopper. That's almost unimaginable. When the door gunner came back around, he said you were dead, so my father always thought you had to be.

Then one day the Moving Wall came. Based on the VERY limited information we had, we could not find any other name of a person who died when Mack did, so our search began. So many times we wondered if we would ever find anything at all. No name, no service number, not much information at all. Daddy has blocked out a lot besides it being 30 something years ago. Still I've heard so much about you. My father thought the world of you.

In our quest to find you, everyone who remembered you thought the world of you too. I used to picture myself talking to you, imagining what I would say, what you would say, if we could somehow find you and you were alive. I am so glad we finally found you, I know it meant a lot to my dad but man, how we all wish we could've found you alive. We've looked for your family (to no avail). My father would like to tell them what a wonderful person he knew you to be, but I know they know.

Frank Cox, you aren't forgotten.

Celena Ramsay

Daughter of Jerry Copeland,
Company A, 1/502 Infantry, 101st Airborne Division

Frank Cox' buddies Jim McClafferty and Gary Templeton also died in Vietnam.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who remembers,
Celena Ortiz
25 May 1999

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