Thomas Joseph Cullen
United States Marine Corps
New York, New York
November 11, 1946 to November 08, 1967
THOMAS J CULLEN is on the Wall at Panel 29E, Line 49

Combat Action Ribbon

1 Feb 2003

We were young warriors together. We lost four of our brothers: you, Romanshek, Rocky Rockenstyre and Mike Dingus. There is not a day when I don't think of you four, who never had a chance to marry, have children and grow old. I hope to see you someday in heaven guarding the golden streets...

Lest we forget.

Your buddy,
Steve Unzueta
USMC Viet Vet
Soldier of Jesus Christ

10 Apr 2004

I never knew him. He is my mom's twin brother, but I feel like I know him anyway. I wish I could've met him so I could see what everyone else sees in him.

From his niece,
Patricia Farrell
84-12 Cross Island Parkway, Bellerose,ny, 11426

03 Nov 2005

The day is coming when I have to celebrate yet another birthday without you. How prophetic were your words in your very last letter to me that I received on the day we were notified of your death. "Have fun on the 11th even though I won't be there." How would you know that you would not make our 21st birthday by three days?

I pray for you every day and know that you are with God, but selfishly I still wish you were here with us. May no one ever forget the price of war!

Love from your twin sister,

Rita Farrell

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