Karl Howard Culp
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Fort Worth, Texas
October 13, 1950 to April 16, 1969
KARL H CULP is on the Wall at Panel W27, Line 93

Combat Action Ribbon
Karl H Culp
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03 May 2008


by a VVMF volunteer and close family friend,
Suzanne Sigona

20 May 2008

My brother was a special person. We used to fight when we were growing up - he always said he was making me tough but that's kinda hard to belive in the middle of the night when you're on top of the bunkbed and he's kicking you off the top and then starts boxing your jaws! But I am glad he did that - he did make me tough and gave me a life lesson to never give up. He was very inspirational in my life; he was always there when you needed him and sometimes when you didn't ... and boy did he like to fight!

After he was killed I joined the Marines and wanted to get revenge but never made it to Vietnam. I guess that was his doing, always watching out for little Brother.

It was a devastating loss to me but I still think about him all the time and I know he is watching over me from Heaven but someday we will be together again.

Till we're together again, Brother.


Marshall Culp


A Note from The Virtual Wall

Recon Team NAIL BRUSH was inserted onto Hill 146, some 5 kilometers west-southwest of An Hoa, on 02 Apr 1967 with orders to establish a long-term observation post to monitor NVA/VC infiltration from the mountains to the west. Originally expected to extract on 13 May, NAIL BRUSH was extended.

The NAIL BRUSH post-patrol report contains the following entry for 16 April:

The 1st Recon Bn SITREP for 16 April reports that one of the wounded died during or immediately after evacuation, changing the toll to 3 dead, 6 wounded. The three Marines killed by the boobytraps were

  • 2ndLt Anthony E. Kupka, Falmouth, MA, patrol leader;
  • LCpl Karl H. Culp, Fort Worth, TX; and
  • LCpl Walter E. Gierman, Lake Worth, FL.

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