David Arthur Davidson
Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
East Riverdale, Maryland
March 08, 1947 to October 06, 1971
(Incident Date October 05, 1970)
DAVID A DAVIDSON is on the Wall at Panel W7, Line 112

David A Davidson
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12 Mar 2004

Davidson was respected by SFC Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver and rivaled Shriver in having made an incredible number of trips across the "red line" into Cambodia and Laos. Davidson had a previous tour with SOG. His nickname was "Babysan" because he had a youthful boyish face but in the field he was incredibly proficient and cool. Like Shriver he just kept going out until the odds caught up with him. One report was that on his last mission the final radio transmission was "I am hit and in the worst way..." His remains were never recovered from Laos. I only met him once, he was with Shriver, in the Moose's Lounge, a bar in the B-23 compound in Ban Me Thuot in the spring of 1968. He may have been operating out of the SOG compound at East Field about 7 clicks outside of Ban Me Thuot at the time. By the time Davidson bought it late in 1971 the NVA "hunter-killer" teams really had SOG's number. The NVA placed so many trailwatchers on potential LZ's getting "on ground" undetected was practically impossible. The odds were definitely against them and he just kept going out. Davidson had courage but went into denied areas once too often. It had to end as it did. He had incredible courage. One of the very best to wear the green beret, Davidson was a legend to those who knew of him. Between the two of then, Shriver and Davidson may have done more over the line insertions than any other 30 men combined. Rest in Peace "Babysan", Rest in Peace...

Je me souviens.......

From a member 5th Special Forces, 1968.
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29 Nov 2004

Hi, my name is Alyssa Bruchet. I attend West Covina Christian School. I have chosen your name to rub on the Wall when I go to Washington with my 8th grade class. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for all the hard work you did for our country ... thank you!


12 Dec 2004

I did not know David Davidson. I do not know his family, I do not know the details of his life, but I think of him every day. I wear his name on my wrist.

Five years ago I received a POW bracelet with his name on it. I wear it to honor those who have given their lives for a cause someone believed in and I wear it to remember the mistakes that we are all capable of making.

I did not know David Davidson, but his memory lives on in me. To the family and friends he had, know that his sacrifice is not forgotten and that he has an impact on someone's life.

Stephanie Lawson
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

By report, Recon Team "Fer-de-Lance" was inserted into Laos west of the A Shau Valley on 05 Oct 1970. The team was led by SSgt Davidson with Sgt Fred Gassman as number two and an unknown number of indigenous troops. The team was attacked on the night of 05/06 Oct while in a night defensive position just south of Route 922 near the village of Ta Bat. SSgt Davidson was hit and apparently killed early in the fight.

Sgt Gassman and the surviving troops attempted to break contact, but were tracked and engaged by NVA troops. The last contact with the patrol was at about 1300 on 06 Oct, when Gassman reported that he had been hard hit. Two of the indigenous troops were sucessfully extracted and during their debriefs reported that both Davidson and Gassman had been fatally wounded. Although an immediate effort was made to recover the missing team members, the recovery team was unable to locate any of them before being forced from the area by NVA troops.

Both Davidson and Gassman were classed as Killed in Action/Body not Recovered. Their remains have not been repatriated. The incident occurred on October 5, 1970 and he was declared dead by a "Presumptive Finding of Death", one year and a day later, October 6, 1971.

By report, Staff Sergeant Davidson was serving his fourth tour in South Vietnam at the time of his loss and it was not documented as to when this tour actually started. While there can be no doubt that he was heavily decorated, The Virtual Wall has not been able to obtain information on his awards but have done so for a Silver Star (Documented 2014) and the "basic four" awards received by everyone wounded or killed in Vietnam.

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