Thomas Alphonse Davino
Army of the United States
Chicago, Illinois
July 14, 1947 to July 03, 1968
THOMAS A DAVINO is on the Wall at Panel W54, Line 41


18 Nov 2004

No words can ever say how much I miss you and love you. I was only 14 years old when you left but not one day has gone by that I have not thought of you or cried for you. You don't know how much you touched everyone's heart in the short time you where on this earth. Our whole family changed so much it really is sad. Your friends still carry your picture in their wallets and make sure they show me when I see them. I am so PROUD of you but so mad at you for not coming home. I need you now more then ever. Now you have Dad, Mom and Louie with you. I have my own family but it still is not the same. I love you and will continue to think about you every day and cry.

I Love You!!
Your sister

12 Jun 2005

Tom another year is soon coming up, and I still miss you. I wonder if I would have had nieces and nephews. I'm sure I would have. I feel cheated because you are not here. I am still very very angry about it all. But I couldn't have been more PROUD to be your sister. I know the 3 of us would have been close. Mom and Dad raised us the right way. We were close and I was was so young and you where 7 years older. Louie and I where very close, I told him eveything,and now he's gone also and I'm angry again, but also PROUD of him and the kind of brother he was. People don't realize how lucky they are to have siblings, and grow older with them. I've seen brothers and sisters who don't get along or talk to each other, and I can't understand that. We where never like that and I know we would have had alot of fun and laughs. Nothing would ever have made me not talk to you or Louie - NOTHING.

I think about those kind of things all the time, because if I let myself think of the way you died and all the terrible months afterwards I get more and more depressed.

I see your friends here and there and it never fails they all have your mass card in their wallets for the last 37 years. You made your mark here at home in such a short time. Everyone remembers Tommy walking down the street with a smile always on your face. I remember Tommy my brother who always watched out for me and talked to me and took good care of me and Tommy who I know loved me with all his heart. And the 3 of us with mom and dad and how wonderful our parents were. They raised the 3 of us the RIGHT way.

This is the closest I could get to talking to you and I don't care who reads this or thinks I'm crazy. It makes me feel better. I'm still hoping that some of your buddies from Nam see this and email me. I want to learn more about you when you where out there.

I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!! Please watch over my husband, your 2 nieces and your great nephew and great niece. Pray for me that one day I will be able to accept what happened to you.

Love Always, Kathy

From his sister,
Kathy Davino Alagna

14 Feb 2007


You were an outstanding person. Doing this research project on you has really made a difference in my views and has given me a great experience that I've learned from. Talking to your sister and getting information on you has given me a chance to understand what the war was like and how it affected everyone who was close to you. You are very lucky to have family and friends who loved you dearly and still think of you daily.

Thank you.

From a friend,
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A Note from The Virtual Wall

Seven men, including the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion 47th Infantry, died when a UH-1 (tail number 64-13854) was shot down on 03 Jul 1968 during operations in Long An Province:
  • 240th AHC aircrew:
    • SP4 Ronald L. Bellinger, Jamaica, NY
    • SP4 Gary D. Holton, Chico, CA

  • Passengers from 2nd Bn, 47th Infantry:
    • LTC Frederick F. Van Deusen, Blacksburg, VA, HHC 2/47 (DSC)
    • 1LT Colin E. Lamb, Caldwell, ID, HHB 1/11th Arty (FO with 2/47)
    • SGT Thomas A. Davino, Chicago, IL, HHC 2/47 (CO's radioman) (BSM)
    • SGT Joseph Hodges, Midville, GA, Alpha 2/47
    • SGT Philip L. Whitney, Fort Collins, CO, Alpha 2/47
The Huey was LTC Van Deusen's Command and Control aircraft; it crashed in the Vam Co River 18 miles southwest of Saigon.

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