Gary James Davis
Warrant Officer
Army of the United States
Eureka, California
June 07, 1947 to September 17, 1969
GARY J DAVIS is on the Wall at Panel W18, Line 101

Gary J Davis
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01 Aug 2008

Gary was a friend of my youth and a much-loved son and brother in his family in Eureka, California. We backpacked together the summer of my senior year with our local teen club. He was just a kid. He was injured during the trip and had to be helicoptered out of the Trinity Alps of Northern California. I often think that this, plus his father's Marine service in the Pacific in WWII, influenced his decision to serve.

His loss was felt by all who knew him and his talents. He is missed. Most of all, he is not forgotten.

On behalf of his sister, this message:

"Grief reaches across the world to get me,
Sadness carries me across seas and countries
to your grave, my brother,
To offer the only gift I still can give you..."
- Gaius Valerius Catullus -

From a boyhood friend,
Duane Kimbrow


A Note from The Virtual Wall

The MACV Summary for September 1969 contains the following entry for 17 Sep:

Ten men were killed in the 3rd Brigade's command and control ship, UH-1H tail number 67-17821:

  • HHC, 3rd Bde, 9th Inf Div
    • COL Dale J. Crittenberger, Washington, DC
    • MAJ William T. McNair, Nederland, TX
    • WO Robert P. Mayer, Forest Hills, NY
    • 1LT Richard A. Snowdon, West Columbia, SC
    • SP5 William A. Fitch, Fitch, KY
    • SP5 Gary L. Haught, Fairview, WV

  • HQ & Svc Btry, 2nd Bn, 4th Artillery
    • MAJ Dana W. Mitchell, Skaneateles, NY
    • CPT Donald W. Dietz, Little Rock, AR

  • HHC, 5th Bn, 60th Infantry
    • LTC Leo P. Sikorski, Detroit, MI
    • MAJ David R. Mackey, Calhoun, KY

Two men from B Troop, 3/17 Cavalry were killed in the gunship, AH-1G tail number 68-15061:

  • WO Gary J. Davis, Eureka, CA, and
  • WO Theodore V. Skiles, Houston, TX.

One man from A Company, 5/60th Infantry, was killed in the ground engagement: SSG Ronald B. Bishop of Hazelwood, Missouri.

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