William Stanley Davis
First Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
Alhambra, California
September 27, 1945 to September 22, 1970
WILLIAM S DAVIS is on the Wall at Panel W7, Line 83

William S Davis
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3 Sep 2004


Losing you has affected me in ways that I never knew were possible. I do not know who you are. Grandma's grief and mom's silence has left me with only my own thoughts and dreams of you. The last two days that I have spent leaving pleading messages to others that may have known you have been the most empowering days for me. The day that I got married I was told by one of our guests who knew you well, "Heather, you remind me so much of your father". My world stopped for a moment, was it my laugh, the way my hair curls, my mannerisms? Or could she sense my burning desire to learn to fly (it must be in the genes). I knew that when she said that, and the way that she looked at me so lovingly, that it had to be good.

I love you and will miss you always.
I know that you protect me, I feel it.

All my love to you.

30 May 2007

My warmest and sincerest thanks to those that have contacted me over these last three years. This is a very special year for me as we celebrate the first year of my daughter's birth.

Your kind words have really touched me, as well as your willingness to share your individual stories. I am inspired by your commitment to one another.

With warmest gratitude,
Heather Davis
daughter of the late William Stanley Davis


A Note from The Virtual Wall

Five men from HMM-262 died when their CH-46D (BuNo 152577) was shot down while on a medevac mission:
  • 1stLt William S. Davis, Alhambra, CA, pilot
  • 1stLt Harold B. Kimbrough, Batesville, AR, copilot
  • Sgt Leo A. Beach, Detroit, MI, crew chief
  • Cpl James R. Teffs, Tulsa, OK, gunner
  • LCpl Frederick J. Smith, Pittsburgh, PA, gunner

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