Marco Oscar Del Castillo

Army of the United States
16 February 1946 - 09 May 1968
Los Angeles, California
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Oct 2005

Marco Oscar Del Castillo was a draftee from Los Angeles, California, and was assigned to a 105mm howitzer section with B Battery, 2/13 Artillery. Francis Hall remembers Marco as a dedicated gun crew member pulling night guard duty while B Battery was refitting at Phu Loi Base Camp. As was the custom in a gun section, one man sat by the landline telephone awaiting firing data from the fire direction center, while the crew members caught up on much-needed rest. Marco had been in-country for five months and was serving as an E-4 gunner, a position usually held by an E-5 Sergeant. He was a veteran artilleryman by Vietnam War standards. Francis had been in-country for 3 days, and this was his first night with the gun section.

On the evening of May 9, 1968, a single mortar round,or maybe a rocket, struck the gun section bunker Francis Hall was sleeping in. Marco Del Castillo, outside with the telephone, was killed immediately from the single round. Although never confirmed, a rumor exists that an ARVN unit nearby fired out of their assigned sector.

Phu Loi Base Camp was a large military complex surrounding an airstrip built by the Japanese in World War II. It was generally secure from ground attack in mid-1968, but earlier in the year was the scene of heavy fighting during the Tet Offensive. Mortar and rocket fire was common anytime in 1968. 2/13 Artillery used the camp to refit gun batteries that endured recent casualties and equipment losses at field fire support bases. B Battery just returned from Tay Ninh Province earlier that week.

Marco Del Castillo received a posthumous promotion to Sergeant, as he held the position of an E-5 when he at Phu Loi. Rest In Peace, Sergeant Del Castillo. You are remembered by Francis Hall and the members of the Red Dragon Clan.

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27 Oct 2005

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