Richard Agustine Deleidi

VMFA-334, MAG-13, 1ST MAW
United States Marine Corps
30 January 1945 - 07 February 1969
El Cajon, CA
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Richard A Deleidi

Naval Aviator

DFC, Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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17 May 2002

I served under Captain Deleidi in VMFA-334, I want his family and friends to know that he was a man who gained the respect of many and his loss was greatly felt by all of us, and not because he was our first.

I have carried the loss of Capt. Deleidi for many years and was only able to put it to rest after laying his MIA Bracelet at the Wall in DC and revisiting Vietnam in 1998 to once again say good-by.

We lost so many young men, all of whom would have been a blessing to this nation, but who chose to give all to the country that they loved.

God Bless these brave men and women, protect their families and help them to feel the peace of God's presence. Protect the new generation of men and women who are currently fighting in remote parts of the world, for the same freedom Capt. Deleidi and 58,000+ more died for.

George (Pauly) Palermo

Point Man International Ministries

18 Feb 2003

Rick was a good pilot, very respectful, quiet. I flew with him the day before he died. I am Ben Bell. I was also a pilot in VMFA 334. We stood the aerial hotpad the day before he was killed. At the end of our hotpad alert, we were launched to get flight time and exercise the aircraft. We went out over the water and had a great time bumping heads, i.e., air combat manuevering.

I was also the squadron LSO and had always been impressed with the excellent aircraft control that Rick had. He was very, very good in the landing pattern.

I have been to the memorial several times and have always looked up Rick's name to honor him. He was a great guy.

From a squadronmate,
Ben Bell

Mission Notes

On 7 Feb 1969, Captain Deleidi and his Radar Intercept Officer, 1st Lt J W Maxwell, launched from Danang in F-4J BuNo 155762 on a close air support mission targeted just 3 miles west of the base. His aircraft was hit by .51 caliber antiaircraft fire as he was pulling off on his second run at the target. His F-4 on fire, Deleidi headed for the open water. Maxwell ejected just off the coast and although badly injured was picked up and survived the incident. Captain Deleidi did not eject before the F-4 impacted the water. His remains were not recovered.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
one who served with Captain Deleidi,
George (Pauly) Palermo 
17 May 2002

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