David Vincent Delozier
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Altoona, Pennsylvania
March 16, 1950 to November 18, 1970
DAVID V DELOZIER is on the Wall at Panel W6, Line 67

Combat Action Ribbon
David V Delozier
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19 Mar 2003

Dave was home on emergency leave and I had orders to go to Nam when we accompanied a friend to Kent State to help him move out of the dorm. It was April or May of 1970 and the shootings at Kent State had closed the University but students were permitted to return for their personal belongings. We were met by a National Guard tank at the main entrance. Little did we know that 7 months later Dave would be dead.

Isn't it ironic that two Vietnam-bound soldiers saw each other for the last time at the site of a blood stained road, stained by peace demonstrators?

Our families had been friends for years and they were part of life as I grew up. Dave was an athlete, high school class officer, scholar and friend. I think of him often.

Rest in Peace, My Friend.

Bill Teufel (Point of Origin)
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21 Dec 2003

Davey was my cousin, we were closer than brothers. He was a remarkable young man, this world would be a different place if he would have lived. We were together in May and June of 1970, he came home on an emergency leave. Another fellow, Bill Teufel, was with us when we went on a trip to get my stuff at Kent State on 22 June 1970. Billy went to Vietnam within 2 weeks and came home safely, thank God. Davey didn't, he was killed 18 November 1970.

We miss Davey each day, it's been 33 years now and I still miss him but he is in a better place now, with our Loving Lord, I hope to see some day. God Bless you and always keep you in His loving arms.

I will never forget.....

Gregg Clark

Photo courtesy of Gregg Clark

24 Dec 2004

My sister and I grew up with Davey as our hero. Our parents and Ned and Barb were friends, and our families spent many evenings together playing Tripoli. We all took Dave's death very hard. My father ID'd his body on Thanksgiving Day 1970 because Ned wanted to be sure that it was Dave in the casket.

Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what Dave's impact would have been on all of us. I know for sure that he would have done great things. He was a good boy and would have been a very good man..

Although he has been gone for 35 years, he lives forever in our hearts.

From a friend,
Claudia McCullough Brown

7 Feb 2005

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of Dave. He was like a brother to my sister and I and like a son to my mom and dad. I wonder when I see people his age, where he'd be now and what he would be doing? I have talked about him to my husband and kids so much that they feel as if they knew him. I wish Dave could have met my kids. They are both very active in sports and Im sure Dave would have been there to watch them play.

They say everything happens for a reason, but I'm still trying to figure out the reason for Dave's loss of life! He would have made a huge impact in society. I love you Dave and miss you.

From a friend,
Jennifer Haulman


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In mid-November 1970 a recon team from the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion got in trouble while on patrol: their Corpsman broke his leg, necessitating that the team be extracted. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 was tasked with extracting them, a task that turned out to be impossible for two days.

On the third day, in CH-46D (BuNo 154837), the HMM-263 crew succeeded in picking up the eight-man team - but all fifteen men aboard the CH-46 died when it collided with a mountainside after the extraction. Three of the crewmen were from HMM-263, two from H&MS-16; the Commanding Officer of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion was aboard, as well as the extracted team.

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